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I loved the flavor of this cake, and I always love recipes that use fruit to replace fat. My only complaint with this is that it's so moist, it doesn't cut very neatly. I brought a pan to my favorite guinea pigs at work, and the cake was positively mangled halfway through the pan. If you're a stickler for presentation, cut this one yourself carefully before serving it. Good stuff anyhow, the pan still disappeared before the end of the day.

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Muffin Goddess June 04, 2003

I had pretty much the same experience as the other two reviewers: good taste, very moist. Mine did cut fairly well, though. I also found that, probably because of the amount of fruit, the cake didn't rise very high; it was about the thickness of brownie bars rather than the usual cake. I think that rather than drain the pineapple, I would cut down the amount--either a 15-oz. can or if those aren't readily available in your area, two of the little 8-oz. ones. Also, I didn't use the extract, because I don't have it (and don't like orange extract much). The cake tasted fine without the extract, and I iced it rather than putting the glaze on it, which may be one reason mine cut a little better.

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Jo Ann L March 30, 2004

I chose this recipe for Zaar tag before Muffin Goddess reviewed it, but I have to agree with her, this was a very MOIST cake. I think I will try this again, but drain the pineapple first.

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Mirj June 08, 2003

From TexasTess: After reading the reviews I decided to do it my way. First I drained the pineapple, saved the liquid, to use in place of the water that the cake directions called for. I did use eggs and oil according to box. I stirred in the pineapple and added pecans. It was still a little crumbly but OH SO MOIST AND TASTY. BOnApetit

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Texas Tess February 02, 2010
Pineapple Spice Cake