Pineapple Sandwich

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Total Time
5 mins
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My husband asked me to post this. I grew up eating these, and was shocked to find out so many people had never had one. They are delicious. So try it!

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  1. Drain pineapple well.
  2. Put Miracle Whip on bread.
  3. Put pineapple slices to cover one slice.
  4. You have a sandwich. Yum.
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My children thought I was crazy so I was glad to find this on here. I have ate pinapple sandwiches and banana sanwiches all my life..only we used Bama Mayo. They are delicious!!

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I also grew up eating these but it was BluePlate mayo in our house. Was craving this the other day, glad to see it posted.

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I really like this. I used wheat bread as I am trying to be healthier. I also used light mayo. This was very yummy. I wonder how it would tast grilled? I may have to try that. I am now alternating between this and apple cream dream sandwich (also on zaar). These are both yummy vegetarian lunches.