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YUM! This is better than anything I can get from the nearest takeout. Perfect marriage of flavors. I used red jalapeno peppers, and deboned chicken thigh meat that I'd slow-simmered first in some of the marinade, which I made myself since I don't have a Piggly Wiggly near me (sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, ginger paste, garlic paste, wasabi powder, a pinch of 5 spice, white pepper, and a little arrowroot powder). The pineapple and juice gave it just the right sweetness. I served it over jasmine rice and garnished it with chopped cilantro. I'll see if I can order some Newton Farms Ginger Wasabi Marinade for next time. Thanks Miss Fannie -- this is my favorite recipe of yours yet! Made for Pick A Chef Spring 2013.

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The Spice Guru March 23, 2013

I had trouble finding any sesame and ginger marinade for this recipe, so I had to make my own, which I think may have not had as much flavour as a bought marinade may have had. <br/>I cut down on the chilli and added cashews instead of peanuts, and this turned out quick nicely, although I think it would have been a lot easier and a little tastier if I had used bought marinade.<br/>The family really liked it, but I am now on the look out for the marinade to make this wonderful recipe even easier.<br/>Thanks Miss Fannie.

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Tisme June 21, 2013

WOW this is a delicious chicken dish! Easy to make and packed with flavor. I made half of the recipe; I used Ginger People ginger peanut sauce and 1 teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes for the red chilies. Loved the combination of the sweet pineapple with the salty peanut and the spicy pepper. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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loof April 29, 2013

Great instant dinner, good change of pace! We had 2 huge Perdue chicken breasts, so we sliced each into 2 filets, which worked out very well. I sprayed the chicken breasts instead of the pan, and while waiting to flip, I sprayed the other side; I heartily recommend this approach! Couldn't find the small red chili peppers, so used 1 large red jalapeno, which lent some noticeable heat, but not a lot. I threw in some additional red bell pepper, didn't want to toss it. Used Lawry's Sesame & Ginger Marinade, which I recommend, but I think I will try making my own marinade next time. Use honey-roasted dry-roasted peanuts. Served with Coconut Mango Rice #505471. Made for Best of 2013 tag, based on loof's recommendation.

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KateL February 14, 2014
Pineapple Kung Po Chicken