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Good! Everyone in the family enjoyed this. An interesting and delicious combination of ingredients. There's not enough pineapple to make it too sweet, and I was hesitant about the walnuts but they did add another layer of flavor and an interesting crunchiness. Used Pizza Dough for Thin Crust Pizza. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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LonghornMama July 17, 2012

Absolutely delicious! A very light flavor; I really enjoyed the sweet and salty, and didn't even miss the pizza sauce. I did use shredded real ham (not deli ham). I'll definitely make this again.

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ceruleanseven June 02, 2009

Very good! Balanced flavors, a unique pizza that was easy. I did use tomato sauce just because I didn't notice the recipe didn't call for it, and I did not use any olive oil for health purposes.

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pferde01 February 01, 2009

I made this tonight, as I wanted to try it, with a plan to serve it for dinner for 13 in Maui next week (on vacation). It was wonderful! None of the flavors overpower one another, but they all work beautifully together! A perfect, Hawaii/tropical- influenced pizza, with a lovely gourmet taste and look to it! I used a pre-packaged pizza crust, which worked out great. I'm sure that it will be a big hit, when I serve it next week - thanks so much for sharing!

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Helping Hands June 14, 2005

My BF is devoted to ham and pineapple pizza, so we actually made this for his birthday dinner. I did just make it on regular pizza crusts (homemade whole wheat, par-baked on a pizza stone, then topped and baked fully), and it worked wonderfully like that, but I would really love to try the cast iron technique sometime. I must say this was terrific. I love the gourmet-type pizzas, and this is certianly one of those! The flavors combined really well; it was the classic ham and pineapple and then some. I loved the crunch and flavor the walnuts added and I think the feta is a great touch and not to be missed! I adore fresh basil, so that was really special for me too. I am wondering if maybe it would not be good to add the basil about half way though the cooking time (when the mozz is melteing, but not yet browning) to help preserve that fresh flavor. We used black forest ham and frozen pineapple, both of which worked great. Oh, we did make one addition- we added a couple rehydrated diced sundried tomatoes under the cheese. I was kind of surprised that I didn't miss the tomato sauce- there was enough stuff on the pizza to make up for it! We actually made two small pizzas and ate them both! Great recipe; I'm looking forward to you posting your other pizza combos, because this one was fab. Thank you!

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Roosie March 26, 2005
Pineapple, Ham & Basil Pizza