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I didn't end up with a filling as such,and found it made the biscuit layer a little buttery, I will make this again with less butter. The pineapple topping was delicious, I added toasted shredded coconut to the top.

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Evie* September 20, 2002

Big Correction to recipe!!! Only bake crust...cool add filling and topping and refrigerate. It is a delicous recipe :))

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ruthagjohnson November 04, 2015

I have made this from an old recipe my grandmother gave me. I lost the recipe and this one seemed close to mine. Being my husband's favorite desert I wanted to make it for his birthday. The Topping was good. To my disappointment the recipe failed to even come close to the one I had when it came to the graham base and filling. The filling melted into the base and created this disgusting buttery brick of hardness. I was utterly embarrassed when I cut into this desert after raving to my guest about how delicious it would be. If you will be making this desert I recommend you add a little (not much) more butter to the graham base so it sticks together but is still crumbly. I would use a vanilla or banana pudding as the filling.. or better yet.. just go straight to the toping!

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Roxane P. September 10, 2015

I've been making this recipe since I was a child, and was very saddened to see the review it's gotten. It truly is a fantastic, light, sweet, and family friendly dessert. I think the main problem is people expecting a true "filling" from the egg and sugar mixture. It's not really a filling per say, more of a thin sweet custard meant to break up the pineapple and whipped cream flavour.<br/>I like a larger dessert when making this recipe, so I always double the whipped cream. I only mix 1 cup with the pineapple, and add extra vanilla to the second cup and layer it on top as a slight flavour enhancement. This can also be done as a "no bake cheese cake" by adding in one package of whipped and softened cream cheese to your whipped cream mixture. This creates a much more filling dessert, and does change it quite a bit. I hope more people give this recipe a try, it is a fantastic treat for our entire family.

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Momma_loves_baking August 24, 2014

The ingredients or pan size must be off for this receipe. There wasn't really any filling and baking what was there for 25 minutes seemed off as well. Would not make again

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Sarah N. December 23, 2013

This basically is the recipe I have been using for years but I have 2 cups of icing sugar in my filling. In fact, I have been known to add a couple more tablespoons of the icing sugar. Terrific and light.

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Darlene10 December 22, 2005
Pineapple Delight