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Have been making these for quite a while. Always popular and the one recipe that everyone wants. To help make the snowballs firmer, drain the pineapple thru a mesh strainer, pressing out as much liquid as possible with the back of a spoon. Then squeeze the pineapple with your hands to remove any extra liquid. It helps to solidify the snowballs quite a bit more so they are easier to handle.

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gtaylor7 December 05, 2009

These are great little dessert treats. Great after a big meal. Very easy to make. I flopped a little of the mixture in the coconut also and it made it much easier to roll into balls. I also added confectioners sugar. Thanks Amber, we really enjoy these, not too sweet, just the way I like a dessert. Also great to make ahead of time. Will be making again soon.

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Terry in New Brunswick, Canada March 07, 2006

After the reviews I wanted to try this, but went another direction. After creaming the pineapple and cream cheese, I add 1/2 cup powdered sugar, 2 ounces of orange flavored vodka and put the coconut into the mixture along with one cup of chopped pecans, then proceeded to roll them into extra coconut. Everyone has enjoyed them.

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brannanleith December 17, 2013

I followed this recipe and even took out the extra pineapple juice liquid but this treat ended up tasting like cream cheese. I even made the balls smaller to make it edible but this recipe was lacking in sweetness despite the coconut and pineapple. If i ever do make these again, I will add extra pineapple for taste.

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jeanemathews December 03, 2013

Thank you! I was looking for a low sugar dessert to add to Thanksgiving dinner that I could eat. I used the hints about the squeezing the pineapple, and "flopping" the mixture into the coconut. Both those made it easier. I added 1/2 pkg sugar free instant vanilla pudding MIX (no liquid) for extra sweet and flavor, and I love it! These will be a welcome addition to my desserts!

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Cook4theFamily December 22, 2013

Very nice...I liked how the flavors subtly blended with each other, and not too sweet either..I used the tip of draning the pineapple through mesh strainer and then squeezing by hand...the snowballs turned out quite firm. Thanks for posting!

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*Nabiha* May 01, 2010

This is a great little dessert/snack! I used regular cream cheese and crushed pineapple packed in it's own juice. After mixing the cream cheese and drained pineapple, I decided I did want it a little sweeter, so I added some confectioner's sugar to the mix. I also added a little bit of coconut to the mixture so you would get coconut through and through. Chilled as directed, then I rolled into balls and pressed the coconut around the balls and chilled. I did find that it was easier to get the ball shape after pressing the coconut into the outside. Just a delicious little bite of something sweet, but not too sweet! Thanks Amber!

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Bobtail February 12, 2006

I used light cream cheese and am wondering if that's why this mixture never got stiff enough to roll into cookies. I thought I was going to have to throw it out until someone brought in a platter of cut fruit. I mixed some confectionary sugar with the pineapple/cream cheese and served it as a fruit dip instead. I laughed when people started going crazy over this fruit dip! My sister said she can never eat plain fruit again hehe. So while it didn't work as a cookie for me, it definitely wasn't a wash! My guests asked for the dip recipe and want to have it again. Thanks for sharing, I'm hanging on to this one...

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mermaidmagic November 26, 2004

sounds yummy will taste test on a bunch of teachers. My husband suggested using a clean hanky to strain, which worked well. For aussie cooks the 8oz becomes about 226 gms.

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mossy3 December 18, 2012

I had to make these right away when I saw Bobtails pics. I too after tasting the original mix, had to add confectioners sugar. I added about 1/2 of a cup. Yes, it is easier to flop the mixture in the coconut and then roll into a ball. You only need about 3/4 teaspoon of the mixture to have a nice sized snowball. I also wish they set up better than what they do because they remain somewhat soft. I put mine in the freezer for an hour and they were much better but I am leaving them there and just taking them out as needed so I don't know how they would be after transferring to the fridge. I will definetly be making them for my next wintry get together. Like another reviewer said , before rolling it makes for a great dip. Thank You Amber!

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Chef Mommie February 13, 2006
Pineapple Coconut Snowballs