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Very good! I made have the recipe and only ended up with 14T of filling, so that's how many empanadas I made. I didn't use the sour cream in the dough and I brushed the tops with soymilk and dusted with sugar. This was easily made and really really good to eat!

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Wish I Could Cook October 16, 2011

Oh wow!!!! These empanadas are just great! They are sooo tasty! The pineapple and coconut go great together and the dough is so flaky and just perfect! YUM!
I thought these would be involve and hard to make, but no, they were so easy and quick. :)
I made half the recipe and ended up with 12 small (3 inch in diameter) empanadas that were gobbled up in no time.
I reduced the sugar quite a bit and the filling was still super sweet and yummy. I had only desiccated coconut on hand, so used that and also left out the glaze. Other than that I stuck to your recipe and loved it.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing such a great recipe with us, Susie!
Made and reviewed for your being VIP during Veggie Swap #39 October 2011.

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Lalaloula October 15, 2011

We loved the combination of pineapple and coconut! One thing is for sure, they didn't last very long at my house and I will be making these again. Made for Count Dracula and his Hot Bites, ZWT 7.

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Dreamgoddess June 06, 2011

Very easy and sooo good! I sampled the dough and was a little worried that it was too bland but it was perfect with the filling. Will try the suggestion of dipping them in sour cream. I am making them again this weekend. Made for ZWT 4.

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Samantha in Ut June 12, 2008

This made it into Book #179627. We enjoyed these alot. The coconut/pineapple mixture went well with the crust. We will be making them again, thanks for sharing. As I said, We'de make em again. We dipped them in sour cream, now their even better!

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2Bleu January 02, 2008

I made these two nights in a row they were DELICIOSO!!! Though I did make it semi-homemade by using pre-made pie crust you find in the refridgerated section of the market. You need to experiment to find the best one, I buy a store brand. I just cut each circle into fourths, filled it with a spoon of filling, being sure to leave enough of the dough on the edge to crimp closed with the tines of a fork. I brushed the tops and edges with condensed milk and put a dash of sugar on the top. I had them in the oven in 10 minutes. I also had to adjust the oven temp to 375 because the tops were burning. Quick and easy desert :)

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Lucy Lobo July 14, 2007

I was in the middle of making some turnovers and the dough was not coming out, I immed got onto the web and found this recipe. The dough is so flake-like and it just melts in your mouth. I had to throw the other dough away, but thank goodness for this one, it made the turnovers just perfect. thanks, I will try the complete recipe next time

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EdnaC3 June 10, 2007

These were such a nice treat! The filling was Sooo to my taste. These were enjoyed this afternoon by myself and two of my grandkids. Since they came to help "Grannyma", I needed to make this a bit easier for them. After making the filling, we made the wrapping by using white bread. I cut the crust off and the kids rolled them to a flat diamond, put filling in and folded top down. I wet the rims with water and the kids pressed the openings with a fork. We then continued with the instructions. When they came out of the oven and cooled a bit, we dusted with powdered sugar. I truly will try them properly the next time, but I felt these were so good that I still had to post this.

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Happy Harry #2 March 03, 2006

These were amazing... and how could they miss with those ingredients. The crust was very flaky and will melt in your mouth. I was a little concerned about rolling them out so thin.. I got exactly 24 so I guess I made them the right size. I put a little too much filling in the first bunch and ended with a couple of extra balls. I had some apricot marmalade so mixed a little coconut with it and it was wonderful also. I decided that next time I'll make several different kinds including walnut and honey. Thanks for a great recipe SusieD

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CoolMonday July 09, 2005
Pineapple Coconut Empanadas