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Although I do like beef quite a bit, I prefer smaller amounts well married into a larger lighter dish. Armed with some beef strips left from a recent stir-fry I decided this would be a great option as dinner in the midst of a humid summer. I seasoned the meat with a smoky mesquite rub with a touch of heat and felt that offered a flavorful contrast to the sweetness of the pineapple and mandarin salsa. Also choose a simple bed of romaine freshed picked from the garden yesterday. Dark and leafy t was far superior to what one would usually buy and held up well to the heavier toppings. Loved the salsa, which was bright and clean and fresh but felt it need just a smidgen of sharpness to highlight the fruit. Decided on a half teaspoon of minced ginger and a single green onion. Considered a bit of red onion but now think that would have muddled rather than harmonized and glad that another choice was made. There was a good bit of salsa left so that is going with leftover chicken. Thanks!

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justcallmetoni July 16, 2008

great recipe!! Tried it at once..

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kisatoad November 08, 2007
Pineapple, Beef and Mandarin Salad