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Forget the calories, these were delicious, and flavorful. I did add less than an 1/8 of a cup of coconut, as suggested, and they were gone, after an after school snack, and a dessert. Though they were a tad gooey, when cooled, Sticky might be the better word, we had no problem devouring these. Something to make in the future forn the kids lunches at school, or to one of my hospital volunteer meetings. Made for Zaar`Stars.

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weekend cooker September 24, 2012

These are very tasty! As previously mentioned, I also found them a little crumbly, but in my experience that tends to be the case with this kind of cookie bar. Maybe using a little more shortening would help that? I reduced the sugar in the filling to 1/2 cup (was the perfect sweetness for my taste), otherwise made no changes. Thanks for sharing!

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flower7 February 28, 2011

Made these for my son because he LOVES pineapple and since he is only 7 he doesn't usually get much say in the menu choice. All three of my daughters complained that I was making this however; because they are not pineapple fans. I am pleased to report however; that everyone in the family loved these bars! I did cut the sugar in half in both the filling and the crumb crust out of habit. I didn't think the crust was going to hold together as I had trouble pressing it into the bottom of the pan, yet once baked, it held together beautifully. Thanks so much for posting this AZPARZYCH. Made and reviewed for the 46th AUS/NZ Recipe Swap.

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Chef Buggsy Mate November 13, 2010

I reduced the amount of sugar to 1/2 cup for the filling. They taste really good. I had a problem with the oatmeal layers. Too flaky. Maybe my shortening was not soft enough. Probably my fault. So I had problems to have beautiful squares (so no photo, sorry). But they're so yummy even if it's flaky a lot. Thanks AZPARZYCH :) Made for Sweet tradition tag game

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Boomette May 09, 2010

I made these for DH and he said to tell you that while his waist isn't too happy the rest of him is in serious love with these. He keeps finding a reason to come into the kitchen and somehow they seem to jump into his hand as he passes the counter. I won't be trying them with the sugar content but DH is one very happy man and he's wanting to stash them before DS arrives :D.. These are really a lot easier to make than I had anticipated. I was really unsure about the "not very" thickness of the filling and really thought about adding more corn starch. I decided to trust the recipe and poured it on. They are quite gooey when cutting and removing from the baking pan (I cooled for 10 mins and then cut and removed). I also need to say that @ the 400 degrees mine were ready in 20 mins and any longer would have been too much in my oven. They have a teasing aroma while baking that is a pleasure. Made exactly by the recipe and I got a perfect 24 bars. Serve with napkins or a fork as they firm up nicely but still remain pretty sticky with the filling clinging to your fingers.

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Annacia February 25, 2010

Made these to add to my finger food counter tomorrow evening when I host one of my monthly groups, & these are so very tasty that I'm having a hard time keeping my other half from devouring many of them! Enjoyed these just the way they are, don't get me wrong, but I do like my cream cheese & would like to try these another wimt with a middle layer of that, just to see how they'd be! Thanks for sharing a great recipe keeper! [Made & reviewed in Every Day Is a Holiday tag]

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Sydney Mike January 30, 2010
Pineapple Bars