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I'm sorry I didn't like it. I had really thought I would love this one. I substituted the fresh basil with dried basil in the same quantity. What I did not like was the taste of the pine nuts cooked in oil in this dish. It tasted like an egg omelette to be very honest, and I don't have egg in omelette form ever. That's why this just didn't do it for me. What I liked in this rice dish was the appearance of the basil leaves mixed into the rice and the taste of the basil in it. Next time, I'll substitute the pine nuts with chopped cashewnuts and give it a try again.

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Charishma_Ramchandani September 16, 2002

This was really good, even though I had to substitute fresh basil with dried (I used 1 tablespoon). I cooked the basil along with the rice, and that flavoured the entire dish really well. Next time I'll add some minced onions, and perhaps some garlic as well.

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Anu August 20, 2002

Well I thought this was delicious! I did use fresh basil and I think that is a crucial flavoring ingredient in this recipe. This was very easy to prepare and produced fluffy,perfect rice-no sticky gobs-just forkfuls of individual, perfect grains. Thanks!

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HeatherFeather September 10, 2003
Pine Nut and Basil Rice