Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Adopted recipe. Please note that this is not a sweet BBQ sauce at all. If you are looking for a "Memphis" or "Kansas City" style sauce, with tomatoes and molasses or brown sugar, please look elsewhere or you will be disappointed. Eastern North Carolina is where you would find the original inspiration for this. Traditionally, a whole hog is cooked and this style of sauce is used both for the mop and on the side. I really like this stuff, it's a nice change from sweet sauces and makes a dynamite mop, as well. Keeps in a covered container in the fridge almost indefinitely.


  1. Mix together and use to sauce pulled pork.
Most Helpful

This sauce is one of the three I made to go with your pulled pork. It was good, but a little too vinegary for our tastes. I'm glad we tried it but will probably stick to the molasses bbq sauce next time. We felt it took away from the flavours of the rub and the pork and kinda took our breath away with the vinegar. Thanks for the experience, it was worth trying!!

Derf August 20, 2002

Delicious. An absolute must with pulled pork. The vinegar really enhances the sweetness of the pork, and the pepper adds a good hint of heat. I think a previous reviewer who felt it was too strong simply used too much of it... it should be applied judiciously, just enought to moisten the meat and flavor it, not poured on like a typical red barbecue sauce.

Tracy K October 31, 2002

Hey there, Mean Chef, I hope you see my post in "Everything Else". We roasted a whole pig, about 140 lbs., and I made up a batch of this sauce to use on a samll portion of it. The sauce that I had years ago had red pepper flakes in it, so I substituted that for the cayenne. Well, it wasn't hot enough, and we were camping, so I didn't have all my seasonings available. Somebody produced a bottle of hot sauce, and we used that. It was great, but not an exact science. I would recommend adding a little, mix, and taste. Add more, mix, and taste. That's what we did. And the next time I make it, I'll add the cayenne to the sauce, and the red pepper flakes DIRECTLY TO THE MEAT. GOOD STUFF!!!

papergoddess September 09, 2002