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Update: I originally reviewed these 10-05. These are still as good today as they were then! WOW! NOW I am one of the Hosts in the Grilling Forum and I can honestly say these are one of the most unique things I have EVER grilled! These come out scrumptious and fantastic every time. Guests are constantly awed and thrilled that I have shared this treat with them. Awesome with any of the toppings suggested. Thank you my dear friend for sharing this with us! Original review: YUM! Made this as an appy while the rest was grilling - left the toppings on the side since this was our "first time" and we didn't know which we would like better. Went great with the beer you sugg'd. Made dh much happier about grilling for me after a long day! Love ya NC!

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Mama's Kitchen (Hope) October 19, 2008

These were very yummy. I cheated and used an inside grill and cooked the mushrooms in a hot pan to get them nice and brown. Great flavors together. I will try this again on my outside grill this summer. Wonderful idea.

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Slatts June 17, 2008

I made this as a side dish. I brushed mine lightly with olive oil as instructed and put it under my broiler since in the city we're not allowed to have outdoor grills, even on the balcony:D It worked very well. They turned out crispy-ish and not mushy soft like boiled pierogi. I loved the sour cream and salsa sides, but left out the mushroom topping entirely as I don't eat them (to my BF's consternation):D Personally I think this is the best way to make pierogis now!

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Kumquat the Cat's friend June 10, 2008

grilled pierogi never heard of it before. Tried it and it is wonderfull Thanks for letting us know about such a great way to have pierogi. Kenny J

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Chef Kenney J April 24, 2008

Hey, now I've been eating pierogi for most of my life, did I ever think of putting mushrooms with them???... no, but I should have done it a long time ago, it was a great combination. I used some potato and cheese peirogi from the Polish market back home in CT and had only one bad moment deciding if the pierogi should go directly on the grill or kept in the baking sheet and the whole sheet put on the grill. I ended up with the sheet on the grill, which I'm still pretty sure was the right way to go. They browned up nicely. Because of the chilly weather (its only 15 degrees F here right now) and because the mushrooms weren't all that large, I ended up sauteeing them in a pan on the stovetop in olive oil and added the green onion during the last minute or so. Overall the taste of the pierogi was not all that different from pan-frying, but since I usually cook onions with them, it sure saved on the household smell. I really enjoyed the shiitakes and scallions. I skipped the salsa, sorry!! I just didn't think it appealed to my personal preferences. Please forgive me!! I would cook this way again if I was grilling already and really think if you did a whole bunch of mushrooms and onions it would go great with a good steak, hmmmm.. now that sounds good doesn't it??....

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Kim127 January 16, 2006
Pierogies Crostini, With Two Toppings