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I signed onto this site so I could write this review! I am 63, Lithuanian background and love to cook our good old ethnic recipes. This is without a doubt the best and easiest pierogi dough recipe I have used yet. I doubt I will ever bother trying another! I just ate 3 delicious pierogi's made an hour ago. I filled them simply with seasoned mashed potato. Delicious!

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Patfabric June 16, 2010

I tried this recipe along with a completely different recipe to see which batch would turn out better and more authentic according to my Polish husband. This recipe was the winner! It was much easier to make and work with than the other and the taste and texture were perfect!! I will definately use this recipe again, thank you!

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Rychedelic December 21, 2010

I make a dough very similar to your recipe but my loving Godmother gave me a tip. Instead of adding oil, I add a tsp of sour cream. Give it a try.

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Marilyn Collari December 28, 2004

From a 63 year old who could never ever get the dough right for pierogis, do not be afraid to try this recipe. The dough came out really well for me, but only after letting it sit for 30 min. In a covered bowl and then trying to roll it without muchluck and getting frustrated and refrigerating it overnight and the next day removing it from the refrigerator and also using a makeshift pastry board out of a pillow case which I slid over my cutting board and floured well and bingo after all my multiple failures to make the dough properly, it worked. Not sure if it was refrigerating the dough overnight or the pastry board which made it a success, but will surely do both from this day forward. The dough rolled wonderfully paper thin and I pinched them by first running my wet finger around the border and then pinching them after I first put them down on a kitchen towel so that they would not stick to anything. I did a dozen at a time on the towel and then boiled them and they were by far the very best!!!!! I have bought them locally from ukranian delis and these were far superior. So don't be afraid to try them and hoping that maybe refrigeration will also work for you. It did for me. Love, love this recipe and thanks for sharing it with the world. Who makes pierogis anymore except old ukie/polish girls whi work like soldiers and never give up!!!!!!!

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rsp2749 December 02, 2012

Awesome, tasty, and easy! I made the dough in my bread machine and it came out yummy and easy to work with!

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TreeSquirrel February 21, 2010

I registered just to say how great this recipe is! I'm one of those people that shy away from from scratch dough but being 6 months pregnant my cravings overruled. My mother and I make perogis on special occasions and never let the dough set. This made ALL the difference. One of the reasons I don't mess with dough is it is always too fragile in my hands-with this recipe the dough withstood all my prodding and came out perfectly. Thanks so much!

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Kori Celeste April 09, 2007

For years I've been making pierogi dough and NEVER knew to let it rest 30 minutes. This was the best tip I have ever heard concerning pierogi because it made the dough so easy to roll out. I like thinner pierogi rather than the thick and this recipe delivered. Now I can taste the filling rather than the dough. I am die hard and did add one additional ingredient. 1 TBSP. sour cream. Thanks for the recipe and great tip! I switched to this recipe 3 years ago, and am slow at reviewing it.

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Vicky Gunkel November 25, 2006

I just made this wonderful dish. I made a cheese and potato filling and served them with fried onions.... delicious!

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Pamma Lamma December 26, 2004

Wonderful peirogi dough, nice and tender... I made pierogis this weekend, and used your dough recipe...I am always trying out new dough recipes...and this one is a keeper. Thnks for the recipe Iguana, I will be making this again :-)

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Kittencal@recipezazz January 12, 2004

Super easy way to make pierogies. The dough came out great.

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A&AplusCash April 26, 2009
Pierogi dough