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This is a great recipe ! Next time I would puree the veg. before adding tomatoes, etc. I used fresh ground pepper so it was a little hot. I like it spicy but you could use less pepper or table pepper to lessen the hotness. Other than that, made 12 mason jars full ....great gifts idea for those away from home!

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oakleydog June 07, 2012

Great recipe. This recipe makes a total of 4 litres of sauce ( 16 - 1/4 litre servings - enough for 16 pizzas) but I reduced everything by half to make only 2 litres.

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les.mackay1 July 23, 2015

My husband grew up in Pictou, and as soon as he looked at the recipe, he told me, "Don't bother wasting your time and our money". A yield of 0.25L of sauce, but it calls for 1/2 cup pepper, 1 cup of dried oregano and a ton of veggies. I also caught that nothing is pureed. <br/>Pictou County Pizza is a BIG Deal......just like Donair. I'd rather pay the shipping to have it sent up here to Ontario than try to make it from scratch.<br/>If you believe that the big 3 in PCP would give away their recipe for the best pizza in the world, you obviously have never met a Maritime home cook/chef/wife/mother....anyone. LOL

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Lisa M. February 06, 2015

I lived in Pictou County for a good while and ate my fair share of pizza from the big 3 (Sam's, Acropole, and Alice's), and this recipe is nowhere close to the 'brown sauce' the region has become famous for.

I'm certainly not trying to be rude either but this recipe is insane. The amounts of some of the ingredients are just beyond comprehension....2 cups of flour??? 2 cups of oil? I wouldn't feed the finished product to a swine. No joke. 1/2 cup of pepper? Look, this recipe is bogus. Plain and simple. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE THIS RECIPE. I have made it a personal mission to nail down the real recipe (as close as possible) and will be sharing it on here, facebook, etc. In the meantime, save your time and ingredients.

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Izzazzo February 05, 2013

Maybe I just didn't follow the recipe correctly, but when I tried to make this recipe, I found it tasted and looked like slop. It certainly wasn't Pictou County Pizza sauce. It was almost like a gravy as opposed to pizza sauce. I will attempt it again, but this time, it certainly wasn't what I was looking for.

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Wrenn_In_Doubt September 05, 2012

This recipe is tasty but 100% definitely not the famous sauce of the big three (acropole, sams trenton, Alices). This sauce is red and does not come out brown like pictou county pizza sauce. I have heard rumours of lard being the secret ingredient? I did puree all the veggies before adding to sauce. I would add more onions, garlic, mushrooms to the recipe and use less oil more broth. Pepper amount is fine. brothers pepperoni is also needed. I know greeks are very picky about their olive oil so maybe using a nice olive oil instead of dirty canola oil would add to it as well.

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greggerhale July 28, 2012

Well..... I tried the sauce and it is good but never tried it on pizza yet but going to. I found the the receipe on here is way too much flour for the liquid i had to add way more chicken broth. I only had half the pepper in the house and it is almost too hot. I think by adding more celery and onions and mushrooms would be better. Still not sure what the secret to the sauce could be.

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PC Cooking July 17, 2012
Pictou County Pizza Sauce