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Just finished making this in a half amount before the heat of the day really sets in and, of course, had to sample. Yum! I used veggie pepperoni in it and (for me) that is excellent and a lot healthier. I'll be taking some of this to work for lunch today and there is plenty left in the fridge for tonight :D

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Annacia July 18, 2011

When making this recipe I didn't peel the potatoes (since I like eating potato skins!) & opted out of including the pepperoni, but other than that they recipe was followed (Ah, yes, but I did get generous with the mustard!) ~ & we had A GREAT TASTING POTATO SALAD, willingly shared with my veggie son & DIL! [Tagged, made & reviewed in Please Review My Recipe]

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Sydney Mike June 04, 2009

DH eapecially liked these, while I found the vinegar a little overpowering so I would use less of it next time and also increase the mustard which we both liked very much. It was nice to try a potato salad that contains no mayonnaise and the only change I made was to sear the garlic, celery, onion and red pepper in a very hot frypan for one minute to slightly cook out the rawness of the tastes since they are less liked raw by DH and myself. This was easy to make and DH had bagged the leftovers for his lunch tomorrow. Please see my rating system: a divided rating from DH and I, but since I always err on the side of the higher rating to account for personal taste, a lovely 4 stars and a happy DH. Thanks!

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kiwidutch May 04, 2007

I love this kind of Potato Salad! I have been making it for years, although I make mine just a little bit different.

I do not use bacon, or pepperoni. I DO use onion sliced thinly, green pepper, cucumber and radishes. I also use oil and vinegar, AND Italian spices, (oregano) salt and pepper. YUMMY! To die for! (I sort of made up my own recipe after having this at a neighborhood dinner buffet restaurant years ago.)

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p.burgard August 31, 2010

This was a really good potato salad. I especially liked how light it tasted without all that heavy mayonaise in it. I took kiwidutch's advice, and cut the vinegar down a bit. I also had some red pepper and put that in as well. We left out the radishes because the kids were eating it and I thought they'd be a bit hot for them. Thanks so much for sharing. Made for PRMR- June 2010

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gertc96 June 14, 2010

wow i loved this i used white wine vinegar and added the peppers and some cukes as one was just begging to be put in no meat just veggies awesome salad i made in half amount and wished i made full amount

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Dienia B. July 30, 2012
Picnic Potato Salad