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These went down very well with my kids (& me!), and were very straightforward to make, although the grating is a pain if, like me, you don't own a food processor!! I can't be 100% certain that mine turned out exactly as they were meant to as I used 2 small sweet potatos & it came to over 5 cups, so I had to increase the other measurements a bit, plus my eggs were on the small side of medium so I used four of them. I think mine may have been "eggier" than the recipe intended, but very nice nonetheless! Because I made extra mixture they wouldn't all fit on my baking tray so I experimented with the leftover mixture & added extra flour & sugar, some oatmeal, dried fruit, nuts & a little bicarb & turned it into rather nice cakey biscuits (cookies)! Although the original recipe was definately better!

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Miss Dipsy June 20, 2005
Picky Kid-pleaser Sweet Potato Pancakes