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My husband loved the flavor but said they were a little mushy cooked for 15 min, so now I just store them in the frig. instead of processing them

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jewelette November 20, 2001

My sister and I made 35 1 liter jars of these pickes was very easy to make. the only comment I have is the recipe said hint wear rubber gloves it should of read warning!!wear rubber gloves our hands burned for 2 days and we could not even put them in hot water other than that the recipe was great Oh we also put the jars in the canner for 7 mins.

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linda99 September 02, 2002

My husband and I made 7 pints of this recipe. We did NOT process them at all. Simply poured the hot liquid over the content of each jar and they sealed on their own)we boiled the liquid for 5 minutes). My husband says they are crunchy and everybit as good as you buy in the store. "TWO THUMBS UP" Options: We sliced rings of banana peppers in one jar and used the same liquid to cover. This is a very easy recipe. HINT: use disposable rubber gloves while handling the peppers.

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KathyRo August 26, 2002

It has been several years since I put up peppers and used this recipe as a reminder when we decided to put some up this year. My family and I have always put up peppers this way. It can be used for jalapenos, bell peppers and just about any other peppers. My family does not hot water bath ours because we prefer a crispier pepper. We use the inversion method to seal the lids. We also allow ours to season no less than a month before we use them. No clue why just the way I was taught. Thanks Di, for posting this recipe. It is now safely tucked away in my personal cookbook!

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Kathy in Fla October 29, 2006

It makes me sad to think how long I've been buying these at the store. Homemade is the way to go! I made three jars worth two days ago (with 1 tablespoon minced garlic in each.) At this time, there is one jar left. Really, Really, amazing. Thanks for the post:)

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Dani O January 16, 2010

I packed the jars with jalapeños, garlic cloves, and peppercorns first and poured the liquid over it all. I also added pickle crisp to keep them from getting mushy. Thanks for sharing!

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Lucky Clover September 23, 2014

When a neighbor gave us a large batch of hot peppers from his garden decided I needed to do something like this with them. I've never pickled anything before but found this recipe was so easy decided to give it a try. I decided to slice the peppers as that's how we most often use them (and I was sure to wear rubber gloves) couldn't wait to try a taste so made one small jar for that and already the taste is just what we were looking for. Sure looks nice in the jars too and I'm betting they'll only get better with age. Oh by the way, I did a 10 minute water bath.

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Bonnie G #2 October 09, 2013

I've been buying those sliced, pickled jalapenos from the grocery store for years and use them in just about everything: scrambled eggs, nachos, quesadillas, chili, you name it. This year, we had a bumper crop of jalapenos so I decided to can my own. So glad I found your recipe: it was one of the easiest, and yet came out EXACTLY like the ones I've been buying... but spicier! (That may be due to how many red jalapenos I included in each can.) One thing, I didn't turn mine upside down. In the past, that's caused the jar's contents to float to the bottom and leave a ton of liquid on top. (That fixes itself when you open the jar but it's still not too pretty on the shelf.)

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VenomousKate September 04, 2011

Sooooo easy! I cored the jalapenos so that they can be stuffed at a later date. :-) We have so many peppers this year and this will certainly help to assure not a single one goes to waste! Thank you for posting!

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jonesies July 26, 2010

Very simple & much better than store bought! I used garlic and a variety of hot peppers. I only processed for about 10 minutes so they wouldn't get mushy. Will use this again & again - thank you!

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Mindelicious May 09, 2010
Pickled Hot Jalapeno Peppers