Recipe by Cinnamom in Illinois

This was a staple on my darling Grandmother's Thanksgiving table. Grandma could bake such light, delicious morsels you'd think you were in heaven, and her veggies were usually pretty good. Sadly, meats were not her forte, so tasty, tangy, juicy things went well with her turkey. This might account for why I so fondly remember these.....just posting here for remembrance's sake...The onions were an addition depending on guests' tastes and Grandma's mood, sometimes she sauteed them in butter before hand, too...

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  1. Drain beets, saving 1/2 cup liquid.
  2. In medium saucepan, mix vinegar sugar, cornstarch, salt, spices and 1/2 cup beet juice until smooth.
  3. Add butter and margarine and cook over medium heat until thickened, stirring all the while.
  4. Add beets and cook just until heated through.
  5. If desired, add onions at this point, just so they wilt a bit.
  6. This can be made ahead and then reheated before serving, or served immediately.

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