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Hi Lorrie: This is the only way that DH will eat beets. I have been making beets this way for a long time. You and FT are right, the spice does add nice depth. I make it in small batches of about 2 cups at a time. They keep about 2-3 weeks There are only 2 of us in a small apt. No extra space. But this is so easy. I pressure cook the beets for about 10 mins, let cool and slip off the skins. I have a crinkle cutter but never thought to use it FT. Great idea. Thanks Judy in WA

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godbreathed01 August 11, 2009

Now and then you come across a recipe where 5 stars is not enough - this one of them! We ALL loved these for two very simple reasons; the spices REALLY add a depth and delightful flavour to what can sometimes be very mundane and vinegary beetroot, and we liked the sweetness of these as well - again NOT to vinegary! I am going to make more of these for Christmas - I have a spiced Beetroot recipe too, and I plan to make two types this year for our Christmas Buffet Table! I used a crinkle "chip" cutter for the beetroot - and I don't know what you think Lorrie - but I think that the slices look so pretty done that way?? I made a quarter of the recipe as I had lots of tagged recipe commitments - MISTAKE! But - as I said - more will be made soon! Thanks for sharing your Mum's recipe with us - that makes me feel so happy that her recipe still lives on! FT:-)

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French Tart November 24, 2007
Pickled Beets