Pickled Beets

READY IN: 1hr 15mins
Recipe by Lali8752

I know there are a "select few" who will say this is NOT how to can beets. This is the recipe my Mother-in-law, her Mother and grandmother, my Great grandmother, my Grandmother, my Mother and I have ALWAYS used. As with any thing we can, the food and the jars and lids have to be BOILING HOT for them to seal properly. I could eat my weight in these things.

Top Review by Goody2shz

A few of the comments here are dead wrong and I'm pointing them so someone who doesn't know any better is not led astray. The purpose of the boiling water bath is not to seal the jars.....it's to destroy any possible pathogens on the beets or inside the jars or lids. Repeat: A hot water bath is not to seal the jars! Luckily, this recipe has enough vinegar in it that that alone is probably what makes it safe. With highly acidic foods likes pickles and often tomatoes, or with foods containing a lot of sugar (like jam), you may get by without making yourself or someone else sick, but don't even think about trying that with non-acidic foods or your "time saving" strategy may just come back to bite you you-know-where.

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  1. Cook beets in water with salt until done.
  2. Peel and quarter beets.
  3. Have glass jars HOT.
  4. Drop HOT beets into jars.
  5. Cover with HOT broth.
  6. Put HOT lids on to seal.

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