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Fantastic! I forgot the pesto at first, and they were yummy. Then I remembered and pulled it out, and we all dipped and agreed that the pesto definitely adds something. These are a pain to make (as is most things made with phyllo), but I used nonstick spray instead of melted butter and that made it go a lot quicker and easier. Overall, the numminess overpowers the work involved and I will probably make these again. :) Thanks for posting, made for ZWT4.

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CraftScout June 10, 2008

These came out great! Ran out of vegetable filling so mixed up some more using chopped dates, pecans and a tablespoon or two of honey and it turned out to be a very good sweet filling too. Sprinkled cinnamon on the sweet filled straws...instead of the cayenne we used on the cayenne. Also before cooking sprinkled sea salt, on the veggie filled. Thanks for posting this recipe.

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Chuck_Roast February 04, 2007

Fantastic! We like spicy foods, so I sprinkled some cayenne in with the cream cheese. It gave it a nice bite. Then, when they were all wrapped up, I ran some oil over the top and sprinkled on some cayenne, salt, and pepper. Delicious. The one suggestion that I have for others making these is to make sure that there is space between them on the sheet, otherwise they don't crisp up all over. Other than that, they were easy and great! Thanks for posting!

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Saturn January 30, 2006
Phyllo Cheese Straws With Pesto