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I am Thai and grew up on my mother's Thai beef noodle soup (kway tiew). This is a close clone to her aromatic and tasty broth. If you have never tried pho... this is a great recipe to try. Very very flavorful and easy to put together once you have made the broth. I cut back on the star anise ( I used about 4 ) but used the rest of the spices in the same proportion. I tied it all up in the cheesecloth, but only left it to steep for about 2 hours... IMHO leaving the spice bundle for the 4 hours would have made the broth too strong for us ( especially if I had used the 8 star anise). Leaving it in for 2 hours was just perfect. When you taste the broth, it should be on the salty side...considering you are going to be adding the rice noodles and lots of fresh condiments. My BF and I enjoyed a huge bowl of this for dinner...with beef meatballs and some sliced rare steak and all the garnishes. Thanks for sharing!

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atlfitgirl July 23, 2007

I triple checked to see if I missed something, but the broth turned out terrible.

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Teresa in St. Paul, MN April 28, 2007

This was exceptionally great. Worth the little bit of hassle, it IS incredible!

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lakeout December 16, 2006

*Hug* This is one of my favorite meals. Mmmmm! just like the resturaunt. MEAN CHEF...you are awesome!! This soup, and ANY Pho is addicting LOL

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Little Italy August 31, 2005

Nice recipe! I liked being able to cook the broth the day before so it was just a simple matter to toss this together the next day. I did find the star anise to be a bit strong, so I might cut that back next time. I also found the amount of noodles a bit skimpy compared to what is traditionally served. I would go with at least twice as much, especially if one is serving this as a "meal soup". I didn't want to use the filet in this as I thought it was overkill for the type of dish this is, but found some strip steak at a reasonable price, and it was quite nice. I am not used to scallions in pho, but they were nice as well, although I would consider them optional. Another good choice for an optional ingredient would be fresh mint. I like it, but don't find it served every time with pho. The parsley I thought was unusual too, although I did use it and it was fine. Next time I would probably go with all cilantro, because I like the flavor. I didn't bother to soak my noodles, but cooked them slightly longer (about 90-120 seconds) until they were just cooked through. I also served this with sriracha, but sambal oelek would be great as well. Thanks for posting!

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Sue Lau December 12, 2004

Wonderful! I am addicted to my mom's Kway Tiew (Thai noodle soup) and I have had Pho before, but the restaurant's version was not as good as this one. I would have never guessed that Pho tasted so unique from having the star anise and cloves steeped in the broth. I also never knew oxtails could make such a tasty broth! This is a keeper and my husband loved it. I garnished with a few squeezes of lime juice (we like it on the sour side) and with some fried sliced garlic (ok so that is a Thai thing but it's sooooo good!) Thanks for an awesome recipe and with enough broth leftover, tomorrow I am so excited that I will make some more noodles and have this again.

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shimmerchk March 27, 2004
Pho by Mean Chef (Vietnamese Beef & Rice-Noodle Soup)