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This is very easy to prepare. The caramelized onions and peppers gives your sandwich a great look besides a great flavor. The kids even liked the onions. "Cheese Whiz", boy I just don't think it would do justice to a good cut of meat, so I used the provolone cheese. One thing I did different was not to cut my rib eye into thin slices. The butcher had cut my rib eye into 1/4-1/2 inch thick steaks so that is how I left them and fried them that way topped with the onions and pepper. I spread some butter on the Kaiser rolls and brown them in a skillet. Thanks for a great recipe! I sure hope more people try this.

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Charlotte J February 02, 2003

Better than 5 stars! I tripled the recipe because I knew I would want more! I grew up north of Philadelphia (Doylestown) and lived there until I married/moved away at 21. For me, it's not really a recipe, but rather the technique of combining a few basic key ingredients. I think as long as you have (1) a really good hoagie-style roll and (2) steak/beef sliced extremely thin -- you have the basis for a good cheese steak. It's the add-ons for which everyone has their personal preferences. For me, I want green peppers, onions, and provolone so this recipe is "authentic" for me. Make sure the onions are nicely caramelized before you mix them in with the cooked beef. I used provolone cheese (personal favorite). To melt the cheese, I pushed two portions of the beef/onion/pepper mixture to one side on the griddle, topped them with cheese, put a little water on the griddle to create some steam, then covered with a pot lid for about 30 seconds. Mmmmmmm, perfection! This is a very messy recipe to make because there is so much splatter, but that's the charm of a Philly cheese steak.

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Kathy :-( October 05, 2009

If you love Philly Cheese Steaks this recipe is a keeper. Tasted like the real thing. Hubby rated this 6 stars !!! The minor changes I made were to use Monterey Pepper Jack cheese and used Mayo on the Hoagie buns, no other condiments used. Yummy, quick dinner for a weekday or weekend, could add a green salad and some nice baked fries and serve this to company for a relaxing, comforting, meal. I would double this recipe to have enough leftovers for two people!! Thanx for sharing such a great little recipe & bringing the Philly Cheese Steaks to our kitchen.

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Luvfood April 05, 2003

I wanted a good cheesesteak recipe and I think I found it! I'm a mushroom lover so I added those, along with the onions and peppers. Everything was prepared according to the recipes, except, when the cheese (provolone's the best!) was placed on top of the mixture, I put the bread (open) on top until the cheese melted. Then, all you have to do is take your spatula, slide it under, lift, and fold... DELICIOUS!!! Highly recommend! Thanks for the post! :O)

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Angee E. October 15, 2008

TRUE Philly cheesesteaks DO NOT have green peppers, but to each their own.

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Mary S., Philly, PA July 09, 2015

These were great and so easy! I used the rare roast beef from the deli and they still were amazing! My husband was a big fan too.

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tiffanylynn444 August 03, 2010

Very good and easy to make. I used a pound of Steak Ums and a 16 ounce bag of pepper/onion stir fry mix. I used 1/2 tsp salt nad 1/2 tsp pepper. We used provolone cheese and hubby used hot pepper cheese and we all enjoyed these.

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bmcnichol June 23, 2010

Oh, my goodness! I just got done making and eating these and they were SOOOOOO good. I used the steak um type things for the meat (used 1 10.5 oz box) along with 1 red pepper and some onion. I melted some Monterey Jack cheese on at the end. I made 3 of them (2 for fiance and 1 for me) and I enjoyed them so much that I can't wait to have them again. Yummy!!!!

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Sharbysyd June 16, 2010

I have made this a couple of times now and it is just awesome. We had a Korean foreign exchange student last year that turned us on to Bulgogi. I got some Bulgogi meat which is thinly sliced ribeye from the Asian market the other day and used some for this recipe. Thanks for the great recipe.

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Kendall, Tx March 30, 2010

These were sensational! We've only had real Philly cheesesteaks once many years ago, but we just loved these. Easy to make, with great results. I added a handful of sliced mushrooms to the vegies. Cooked everything in my wok, the vegies first & removed, then the steak in small batches for a few seconds on each side. This will be a regular weekend lunch for us. Thanks for sharing this winner, especially for those of us so far from Philly.

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Heydarl July 26, 2009
Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich