Total Time
1hr 20mins
Prep 1 hr
Cook 20 mins

I love petit fours. This icing is supposed to be perfect for them. To ice the little cakes, you can set a wire rack on top of waxed paper and place the cakes on top of the wire rack. Spoon icing over each piece, being sure to get all sides covered, letting excess icing drip onto wax paper. OR, you can spear the bottoms of the cakes with a 2- or 3-pronged fork, hold them (one at a time) over the icing saucepan, and spoon icing on that way. This is from Better Homes and Gardens book "Old-Fashioned Home Baking." Prep time is an absolute guess and includes the 1 hour cooling period. Cook time is also a guess because I've never done it myself.

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  1. In a medium saucepan, combine sugar, hot water, and cream of tartar. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring constantly for 5 to 9 minutes or until the sugar dissolves.
  2. Reduce heat to medium-low. Clip a candy thermometer to the side of the saucepan. Cook until thermometer registers 226 degrees, stirring only when necessary to prevent sticking. Remove saucepan from the heat. Cool at room temperature, WITHOUT STIRRING, to 110 degrees (allow about 1 hour).
  3. Add vanilla flavoring. Stir in enough powdered sugar to make the icing of drizzling consistency. If necessary, beat the icing with a rotary beater or wire whisk to remove any lumps. If desired, stir in a few drops of food coloring.


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By far my favorite recipe for dipping sugar cookies. It comes from Better Homes and Garden Recipe Book. I don't add vanilla and only add enough powdered sugar till it is dipping consistency. Laurie

jeppesen1226 October 25, 2011

What a disaster! This didn't taste anything like the petit four icing I am used to, and it didn't come out as described by the recipe. I cooked the mixture to 226 degrees and then cooled it to 110. When I went to coat the cakes, the "icing" had the consistency of taffy. I couldn't even stick the spoon in! I added a small amount of water to make it pourable and coated the cakes. When I tried one about two hours later, the cake was nasty and soggy. My candy thermometer's never failed me before, so I have to conclude it's the recipe.

SweetPeaNC January 03, 2007

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