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Excellent! Made this last night for a Christmas potluck lunch and it turned out wonderfully. The only thing I found odd is that one batch of this filling only makes 12 cheesecakes. Luckily I had enough to make another batch to fill the other twelve cups. And I did not overfill them, that is was a heaping tablespoon each. I also input the ingredients in my recipe builder on another site doubled and the calories came out roughly the same as it says here, so I can only assume there's a bit of a mix up here. Also, I couldn't find reduced fat cookies and regular cookies didn't fit. I smashed them in to make them fit. :-) Next time I'll try Chewy Chips Ahoy, they're pretty small cookies.... and they're just yummy. Tasty recipe though, will make again for sure! Don't forget to double!

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linnea_kirby December 10, 2008
Petite Chocolate Cherry Cheesecakes