Pet Stain/Odor Remover - for Carpet

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5 mins
0 mins

This stuff is amazing. I wish I could remember who originally gave me the recipe. I used it often when training a new puppy right after puchasing new carpet. It even worked on non-pet related stains. And I used Dawn instead of Joy.

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  • 16 ounces hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 teaspoon joy dishwashing liquid soap
  • 1 tablespoon a & h baking soda


  1. Using any plastic container, mix the solution in order given, apply or spray a generous amount where needed.
  2. After a day or two vaccuum.
  3. It works wonders, no stain, no ODORS.
  4. caution: do not store leftover mixture, it will build up and can explode.
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This worked great!! I have 3 cats and they tend to throw up a lot, and we just moved into a house with cream-colored carpet. This worked better to some of the pet stain removers I have bought! Took the recipe to my mom's when I visited and used on her cat stains too. Will use often! Made for I Recommend.

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I've been using this mixture forever and it works great. By the way, if you add about 2 cups of water to the mixture you can use it to wash your doggie if it's ever been sprayed by a skunk! Smell will be gone without a hint of skunk....thanks for posting!!

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I cannot thank you enough for this recipe. Here is a wonderful horror story for you. DH and I purchased a cabin sized tent. Set it up for overnight guests. Whole 9 yards. decor, lighting, romance and comfort, clear to a rocking chair; (military couple transferring cross country). When they left it was raining. Brought in linens to wash. Mean time, 'monster-t.-cat' apparently brought in and ate his fill of a dead squirrel. Started to rain again. Ran out and made sure all clear. Three days later, the tent was dry and weather clear for me to finish cleaning/taking down. When i opened that door...ugh! He had done the deed under a corner table. Tried every thing...My DH had to 'remove' the remains. There was hair and ...glued to the floor...Tried every thing to get it clean /oder free. Course I should have come straight to Zaar. But I didn't. So today i found your recipe. Made a double batch just in case. Dumped it on the floor, covered in paper towels, left for 10 mins. GONE! All that anguish for nothing. Thank you ever so much! Now all i have do is finish up, take the tent down and I will be 'a happy camper'...:)