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This is a delicious, very easy to make and great looking appetizer, especially for around the holidays. The instructions shouldn't tell you to end with a layer of pesto, however. If you start and end with cream cheese it will hold together much nicer. I also put a dollop of pesto then chopped up sun dried tomatoes on the very top after the torte was inverted. I would also recommend giving it time to soften before serving. It's getting made again for Thanksgiving since I can't wait any longer than that to try it again!

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hepcat1 November 05, 2006

I made half a recipe of this fantastic appetizer, for a holiday party, yesterday, and I'm going to repeat, tonight, for another party! (I did follow the previous rater's suggestion, though, and divided the cream cheese into 3 portions, for each recipe, so that I would end up with cream cheese on the top and bottom.) I made a poinsetta for the top, out of the sundried tomatoes (which I cut to resemble the flower petals), and basil (for the leaves). It was beautiful, and it tasted wonderful! Everyone devoured it! Thanks for sharing!

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Belinda in Austin, TX December 30, 2007

I use a spring pan to make this pesto torte and line bottom with ground walnuts, or Italian bread crumbs, makes a good presentation, no need to invert.

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FrancinaCucina October 04, 2012

This is an awesome appetizer. I also do 3 layers of cream cheese otherwise it isn't very pleasant to look at. A hit at any party

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Denise G. July 19, 2010
Pesto Torte