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Great recipe with lots of room for variation(s). It matched well with Broiled Tomatoes (#206685) & Chicken Avocado (#396724). Rather than measure my pasta in cups & used 5 1/2 oz (4 servings) but only measurement for 2 servings of sauce. It was a perfect consistancy but it might be because we didn't add the beans. I was out of bell peppers (that's a 1st) so I sub'd in a few jalapendo peppers which added a nice flavour. Did everything else as written but didn't add the garnishes. Tasty recipe, thanks for sharing.

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Mustang Sally 54269 December 25, 2011

Hey gourmetmama! I am so sorry, I made this recipe several months ago....I could have sworn that I reviewed it but I guess I put it off and forgot! Anyways, I love this pasta!!! The combination of the proscuitto and pesto made this a favorite in my house and I never would have thought to add cannelini beans with pasta but it was fabulous and gave a wonderful texture to the dish. I thought this was very colorful and has many different flavors that make you just want to keep on eating it! Thank you for sharing, I will be making this again! :)

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Red Chef Mama July 04, 2008
Pesto Onion Prosciutto Pasta