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Very good! My homemade pesto is very garlicky to begin with, so I added about 4 Tbsp of it and no extra garlic. I served it with french bread and it was a hit. It's almost like a fondue or a raclette. Next time I would place the heated mixture into a fondue dish with burner or place the dish on a heated tray to keep the cheese warm for a longer period. Thanks!

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Just Call Me Martha April 19, 2004

Excellent! I did not add any extra garlic because my pesto is very garlicky and I was feeling exceptionally lazy. I did add twice as much pesto because I love pesto. I also transfered the finished product to a small Crockpot and served it to my family that way. We all sat around the table raving about how good it was. GREAT! GREAT GREAT!

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amie atwood May 09, 2007

I make this often. Its easy to make into single servings for a quick snack. I use enough garlic in my pesto so I don't usually add any extra to this dish. Great post! Easy enough for a quick toss together meal and impressive enough for company. I often serve this as part of an antipasti dinner with just some Italian meats, marinated veggies, fresh fruit and various other cheeses, olives, roasted peppers, etc.

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Ilysse June 08, 2006

Very flavorful but a bit oily - next time I will try Martha's idea of keeping it warm in a fondue pot, as the oil seems to settle on top as the dish cools. Served with baguette slices, this makes a nice lunch or snack.

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Allison Williams March 26, 2006
Pesto Brie Melt