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I too have this recipe but I bruch mine with eggs whites and roll the cookies in a package of peach and organe jello. Then let them dry.

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Lori93 December 18, 2007

this are the best thing i have ever put into my mouth...i love them...if i were italian i would get married every year just to have these made at my wedding...last time i went to an italian wedding i took some home in my purse...YUMMMMMMY!!

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zazoo December 15, 2004

I absolutely love these cookies, they are such a beautiful presentation. There is actually a slightly different version of this recipe, its from Austria. Instead of filling the cookies with peach preserves you make a chocolate cream filling, with walnuts, cookie crumbs, and peach brandy. I like this version better only because I%u2019m not a fan of peach preserves. There a big hit at my family functions, I always make these beautiful cookies for Easter. LOVE THEM :)

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LisaDez January 06, 2011

I have made these many times and get great reviews all the time. They have just the right balance of flavor with the barandy and pastry cream that I use when I make them.

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MARIA MAC * July 14, 2008

I coaxed this recipe out of my sister-in-laws mom - she had made them for their wedding. I've since made them for a few weddings and a couple wedding showers and anniversaries, too. What I've learned:use a small cookie scoop to form the ball - then divide the balls in half - this makes a nicer sized cookie in the end; use a pointed serrated grapefruit spoon to scoop out the warm centers; use a commercially prepared pastry cream and they will hold in the fridge for 3 days (don't dip and sugar them till a day before serving); use royal icing for the glue to put the two halves together (though I LOVE the idea of dark chocolate "glue"!); tint the remaining royal icing green and pipe leaves on the finished cookies' tops; use a pastry brush to moisten the peaches - they won't get too soggy that way; change the sugar often, it does get clumpy after a few cookies; place the cookies in white candy papers, they deserve this presentation; for transporting, these fit perfectly in Styrofoam egg cartons - I've even mailed them packed like this and only a few icing leaves were dislodged! These are wonderful! Thanks for posting the recipe so I don't lose it again!

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Lise in Indiana May 14, 2008

We make these in Yugoslavia/Serbia, too. We call them Breskvice ("little peaches"). Thanks for the recipe. I had misplaced mine.

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~Srb~ October 25, 2010

The brandy was really overpowering in this recipe! I made several of these cookies dipping them in the brandy before I tasted them. After I tasted one, I threw them all out!!! It was entirely too strong. Instead, I bought red food mist coloring that you can spray on lightly and then rolled the cookies in powdered sugar. This seemed like a nice solution. Thanks for the recipe though, they're very attractive!

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equusjess July 13, 2008

I have been looking everywhere for this recipe. I just happened to stumble across it. Both my parents were from Calabria and growing up I remember having these at all the weddings we would go to. I made them for my daughter's communion and they were absolutely amazing, so easy to make. I actually filled them with a custard filling and everybody was fighting for these cookies to take home. Once again, thank you so much for posting this.

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TeresaIrene May 13, 2008

these are worth the effort! i made these for my son's class so i brushed them with peach juice with a bit of food colouring instead of the brandy. i also filled them with custard instead of preserves. i made the cookies and filled them with custard and let them sit in the fridge overnight. the next morning i brushed them and rolled them. they tasted the best the next day. they looked amazing and the kids were so excited to eat them! thanks for a great traditional recipe!

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erinn in tbay October 28, 2007

Only make these for VERY special occasions. It took me about 3 hours to make these. I'm still not sure I'd make them again because of how much work they are to make. I took them to a pot luck, and they were all eaten. Everyone commented that they looked and tasted like they took a long time to prepare. Well, they did. Also, most people only ate half the cookie and shared the other half with someone else. They're rich, pretty and unusual but not the kind of dessert you want to keep popping into your mouth. Oh, and mine did not look like peaches, but they still looked good. Here are a few tips if you attempt this recipe: 1) Start scooping out the cookies as soon as they come out of the oven, and work very fast. When the cookies cooled, they became crumbliy and would break apart. 2) After scooping out the insides, lay the cookies upside down with the hole facing up in a line. That way they'll be ready for the assembly line filling. 3) I put the preserves (I used about 1 cup of preserves) into a ziplock bag and snip off the end. Then squirt the preserves into each hole. 4)I used peach schnapps instead of the brandy, and I used a bit over 1/2 cup. 5) Use small amounts of sugar for the rolling because it gets moist and sticky really quickly, so I kept having to toss it out and refill the bowl.

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ShaGun February 04, 2007
Pesche - Italian Peach Wedding Cookies