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Trying to give this a 5-star rating, however, the site is not cooperating. I'll try again at a later time.<br/><br/>I made a Banana Cream Pie (#30946) for Passover and was very happy with the results of this crust. I love crust.....wether it's pie crust or pizza pie crust so this was a nice surprise. Like the previous poster, I thought it might not hold together when we cut into the pie but it help up beautifully. Compliments from around our Seder table, Mirj. Thank you for sharing.

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dojemi March 28, 2013

This is a great crust for Passover, and would even be good for the rest of the year. I used 1 1/2 cups of matzo meal and subbed butter for margarine (since I don't worry about mixing meat & milk). It pressed into a deep dish pie well and held together really well when serving (a really pleasant surprise since I expected it to fall apart!). I filled this pie with Mysterygirl's Gabbie's Sweet Potato Pie and it worked great! My sister who hates the family matzo meal crust really loved this, and even went back for seconds.

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Karen67 April 08, 2007
Pesach Pie Crust