Peruvian Home Fries

Recipe by Sharon123

Potatoes actually originated in South America. This is a traditional Peruvian combination of potatoes and peanuts and will be even more authentic if you can find blue potatoes.

Top Review by Rita1652

Made half the amount with left over potatoes. Nice mix of veggies. The nuts brought this to en other level for us. Thanks. Made for ZWT 2011

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  1. Place a 10" skillet or saute pan over medium heat. When hot, add 1 tbls. oil, wait about 10 seconds, then swirl to coat pan. Turn heat up to medium high and add half the cooked potatoes, spreading them into a single layer in the hot oil. Let them cook without stirring 5 minutes.
  2. Sprinkle in 1/8 teaspoons salt and turn potatoes over, using a metal spatula. Spread them into a single layer again. Let them cook 5-8 more minutes, or until golden. Scrape from the bottom to loosen potatoes and toss them around in the pan. Cook for another few minutes, then move to a plate, scraping out and saving all the tasty brown tidbits from the bottom of the pan. Repeat this procedure with the remaining potatoes, using another tbls. of the oil and anohter 1/8 teaspoons salt.
  3. After cooking the potatoes, scrape out the pan, saving the scrapings, and wipe it out with a damp paper towel. Return the pan to the heat and when it is hot, add remaining tbsl. of oil You may also melt in a little butter. Wait 10 seconds, then swirl the pan. add the onion and saute over medium heat 5-8 minutes, or until it becomes very soft. Add the chiles and bell peppers, along with the remaining 1/2 teaspoons salt. Continue to cook, stirring often, for another 5-8 minutes.
  4. Return the potatoes to the pan and stir them into the onion mixutre, along with the garlic. Saute over medium heat for another 10-20 minutes, or until everything is done to your liking. Sprinkle in the cheese and lemon juice during the last few minutes of cooking, and if needed, adjust the salt.
  5. Serve hot or warm, with peanuts and minced cilantro or parsley, and with lemon wedges on the side. Enjoy!
  6. Note:.
  7. If prepping the potatoes in advance, store them in fresh water in a tightly covered container in the fridge. Drain and dry completely before using.

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