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WOW! These were super flavorful and delicious. I used 4 guajillo chiles for the dried chiles because they are available at my local hispanic grocery store. And I saved the extra marinade in the freezer and used it the next week to grill chicken. Fantastic!

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dubielziggy June 19, 2008

I made this this weekend it was a hit and I will do again. <br/><br/>I had some friends that had been to Peru for the real deal and they said this recipe was dead on (I followed it pretty closely). <br/><br/>Here's my feedback: <br/><br/>- Aji Panca, IMO is not completely necessary (it's very easy to find in SF where I live so I went for the real deal). The paste tastes like a much tamer version of Chipotle Peppers in adobo. I think a mild Mexican pepper reconsistuted would work just as well. <br/><br/>- I marinated for about 4 hours this seemed adequate. However the marinade, even though I used at least a cup of red wine Vinegar wasn't as vinegary as imagined it would be (so if it went longer I think this would be okay). <br/><br/>- It's a bit of work to butcher the heart and remove all the silver skin (Pericardium?) It is pretty thick, not hard to remove but it doesn't come off in one piece either. <br/><br/>- My Friends (98%- anyway) were anxious to eat it and not a grossed out by the idea of eating organ meat (a couple were). 2 grass fed beef hearts (maybe 3lbs) were gone in 10 minutes or so. <br/><br/>- Use an *Extremely Hot* Grill ( NASA HOT:-) <br/><br/>- getting an even thickness is important. Being that the heart is various thicknesses you have to cut across, through, in half, etc to get even strips do it! - The muscle is much different than traditional beef cuts and it tolerated this well (I think 3/8 to 1/2 in thickness is just right - I wouldn't go thicker than 1/2 inch). <br/><br/>- It was very good, fun, and good change. I won't do it for every gathering. but aside from the butchering - it was easy (not to mention cheap:-).

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sparky403 July 21, 2014

Great recipe. The flavor of the marinade is incredible and I will be using it for other meats as well. The favors create a rich blend, but you can still taste different aspects, and there is a nice heat without being overly hot. It was my first time with beef heart, which I found at a local farm. I went to you tube for some guidance on trimming it. Some parts ended up being tough but most of it was tender and wonderful. I think they only needed about four minutes on the grill. I found this searching for what I had at a Peruvian restaurant. Now I can make it myself!
Note: based on another recipe online, I use 1/4 cup of aji panca paste for the pepper.

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Meredith C-ville November 19, 2012

Totally missed on this recipe. The main ingredient is Panka pepper sauce, which can be found at most Latin markets. Way too much camino. Camino is very strong. Honestly, I can figure out how you could have eaten this. I will give you 1 star, only because you must have eaten it after you made it.

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jamieinperu September 11, 2012

I give you 4 stars for this well written authentic recipe. One off for leaving out the aji amarillo sauce (on the side) and for mentioning the use of cilantro on South American /Andean food. If one lives in the Mid Atlantic region of the US, it is easy to find aji panca and aji amarillo glass bottled paste (from Peru) in most Latin markets. If one lives elsewhere, guajillos are a good substitute for aji panca. Aji panca has a fruity (mild heat) taste.

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ladyhollman November 23, 2015

Bien, yo creo que esto de usar cilantro y no usar ni aji panca ni aji Amarillo es una simple blasfemia

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uge_ponce September 22, 2015
Peruvian Anticuchos