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My hats off to you chef shadows, a great tasting garlic and like you, I seldom use raw garlic now, thanks for sharing.

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bmgale January 03, 2008

I made this ages ago as I love garlic and I liked the idea of pickled garlic. Well, it's very nice, quite sweet and the garlic flavour is quite subtle. I have a jar in the fridge which I use in recipes instead of fresh garlic to make the flavour more discreet. Also the outer papery lining slips off easily and the garlic doesn't leave such a pungent smell when you chop it. To be perfectly honest, I haven't used fresh garlic in my cooking since!

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Perfectionist cook November 20, 2007

I am a garlic lover and I am in heaven! I made these 5 days ago and I keep opening the jar for a daily sniff!!! I have tried one today and they are seriously divine in an ultimate garlic lover's kind of way! Okay - I have to wait 3 more weeks......I will be back with photos then, as my garlic is still too pale & shy for photo shoots - I want them to pick up the red wine vinegar colour first.....a smashing recipe, thanks Shadows! FT:-) Added on the 3rd September 2007: The pickle was ready and calling to us.....so we liberated it one evening with some steak, salad and barbeque spuds! Amazing - hot but subtle - my daughter ate them from the jar, until she got a dried pepper! Great pickle, which I endorse 100%. Thanks CS! FT:-)

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French Tart September 03, 2007

Well, I made the recipe this morning and tasted it this evening. Delicious! I don't think I can wait a month to use them. Yummy right out of the jar. Thanks Chef Shadows!

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Sharon123 July 16, 2007

just made this yesterday! added an extra head of garlic. liquid tastes VERY good so far! cant wait to actualy try them in a month! am thinking i will halv the sugar and double the hot peppers (i had what the package called "dried japones" and to me they are similar to thai peppers... my mouth burned when i ate one plain. :D thanks Chef Shadows for posting!! update 2-3-2012: different pickled garlic and wonderful all at the same time. will peel garlic cloves, though, with the next batch i make.

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Chef GreanEyes February 03, 2012

Our three star rating is more of a personal preference, than a reflection of your recipe. I agree with Perfectionist cook, our garlic was quite sweet. My husband loves pickled garlic, but has more of a spicy, savoury palate. Maybe my dried hot peppers & peppercorns were dated as I was expecting more spice to counterbalance the sugar. Thank you for posting this recipe.

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Sous Chef Bentley January 17, 2008
Persian Sugar-Pickled Garlic