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I made this two nights ago and forgot to rate it, overall I think this is a great base recipe and has so much potential - it needs veggies and a can of chick peas. It was too salty for my liking and think veggies (carrots, potato, sweet potato - winter vegetables) would suit this recipe perfectly. I will make this again - but with the above changes, thanks for taking the time to post this recipe.

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cookingpompom July 04, 2013

I used skinless boneless thighs and added a finely diced carrot with the onion and garlic and had planned to add some shredded spinach just before serving only to discover we had none or any other leafy greens for that matter and served the wonderful chicken over rice (if I was not serving over rice I would have added bite sized potato pieces to the onion and carrot that I added to give a one pot meal). I served some naan bread on the side to mop up the wonderful sauce. The real keeper though was seeing the DM with a cleaned and polished plate, a rare thing these days. Thank you Chef #375838, made for Name that Ingredient tag game. UPDATE - had some left over so had for lunch and must say it was even better, like a good curry it had improved and was even better a day or 2 later.

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I'mPat June 27, 2013

very nice flavours. I knew when I was frying the onions and garlic with the turmeric, paprika, flour mixture, that this was gonna be really fragrant and nice.
I used a whole chicken cut up, and baked it on low heat to simulate the slow-cooking; it was falling off the bone, delicious, with a gravy that was terrific over rice.
Very nice, thank you for sharing.

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Mivashel October 24, 2011

Very nice and quite easy to prepare. The family gobbled it up. I didn't have fresh ginger, so subbed dry ginger powder.

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mollypaul April 28, 2010

I made this in my pressure cooker. I then added instant couscous to the sauce. My family gobbled it up.

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Nasseh April 11, 2010

My family loved this recipe! I didn't use the slow cooker, but made it on the stove top. After step 10, I just put the chicken back in the pot and cooked it on low for 2 hours. Also added a dash of Tabasco and some preserved lemon to brighten it up a bit, but that was just for my family's taste. We will definitely make this again!

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studio city girl February 08, 2009

I liked this rescipe a lot.. But DH didn't care for it at all (Grrrr) and therein lies the problem. For a throw-it-in-the crockpot meal this was a little more work than some recipes but I would have felt that it was worth it if DH had only liked it better. I loved the combination of flavours, the fresh ginger mellowed out and complimented the other flavours rather than out did them, the smell was wonderful and once this was in the crockpot it gently did it's stuff and was easy. I had home made chicken stock on hand so used that rather than the bullion cubes: that was the only change I made to the recipe. Please see my rating system: I have given it 3 stars and would definiately considered giving it 4 if DH had liked it.. he said that it simply wasn't to his taste, and that it wasn't one of my better chicken attempts to win him over... (he's not known for being a great fan of chicken, so I am on a quest to find a recipe for it that he would really like since the budget necessitates we eat it more often than he would prefer) If it was just me I would definiately be making this again.. sadly with others to cook for reality is that this is a favourite of mine but I'm in the minority. Thanks for posting it , it was an excellent recipe to try :)

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kiwidutch January 24, 2007
Persian Slow-Cooked Chicken