Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is a typical Persian beverage that is enjoyed by many Iranis and has a flavor that is not unlike a cross between grape juice and lemonade with a touch of flowers. It truly has to be experienced to get the full understanding of how good it is, and it goes wonderfully as a complement to any Middle Eastern meal.

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  1. (Note: can use fresh squeezed pomegranate juice or a commercial brand such as Pom, which is available year-round; orange blossom water should be available in Middle Eastern or Latino markets.) Mix together pomegranate juice, lemon juice, orange blossom water and sugar until sugar dissolves.
  2. Pour 5 ounces of mixture into a glass and slowly add 5 ounces (or more to taste) of club soda, stirring slowly.
  3. Add several ice cubes to chill, and serve.
Most Helpful

What a terrific drink this is Sue. I enjoyed this very much. It was quick and easy to make, excellent tasting, pretty and best of all it uses ingredients that i always have on hand. Thank you so much for sharing, this sweet, tart, tangy, flowery treat. I loved it. Into my Favorites Cookbook for 2013 this goes. Kudos to you.

Baby Kato February 01, 2013

I am drinking this tasty beverage even as I type this! I scaled it down to one serving and didn't really measure anything, just "eyeballed" it. The orange blossom water really puts it over the top. Thanks so much for sharing this, I will be making it again the next time pomegranate juice goes on sale!

Spice Princess August 12, 2012

loved this with blueberry pomagrante juice from the freezer

Dienia B. June 23, 2012