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This made a good, but not great cake. I made it exactly as directed, and the directions were easy enough to follow, and the texture of the cake is wonderful - light, airy, and melting. I would go easy on that 'pinch' of saffron - too much, and it tastes like new car smell, which doesn't exactly go with the rosewater and cardamom. It's a nice change from a traditional chocolate cake, but the flavors were only just 'okay' to me.

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Qmeg June 08, 2009

I was really torn with how to rate this...I got the recipe from Bon Appetit and thought WOW! I HAVE to try this... it's a fair amount of work. It made for a beautiful presentation, especially if you take the time to candy the rose petals, however I had some issues with the frosting being too soft and not really setting up, (maybe if I had used a touch of unflavored gelatin to stabilize?) The cake itself kind of left me a little flat. It's not a bad cake, and the flavor is exotic, but it's a lot of work for not quite the result I wanted. I will take some of these ideas and put them into other recipes though.

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CHRISSYG August 05, 2005
Persian Love Cake