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It is a great recipie but mostley in iran when we want to serve chicken with rice we cook the chiken in tamato juice and some spices like saffron ( iranian saffron) the tomato juic and onion help the chicken to be more delicuos and have a better smell :) if you had any question about iranian food you can ask me thank for your recipie;)

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Kimiya April 18, 2013

What a delight. I made just one serving for myself and I wish I'd made 2 so that I'd have leftovers. Since it was just me tonight I used a chicken breast and cut back on the rice to 1/3 cup and still had more than I could use tonight so a good amount went into the fridge (yay). I likely used 1/2 a tsp or more of cinnamon but I'm a devout cinnamon lover and that worked for me. Both the apricots and raisins were very plump and tender at the end of cooking. It's very easyt too, you have to love one pot dishes :D. Thanks very much Jackie.

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Annacia December 18, 2011
Persian Chicken and Rice