Pernil Roast Pork

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READY IN: 5hrs
Recipe by Shalou

I myself am of Haitian and African decent but have always been drawn to Spanish culture I have infused recipes from all the Puerto Rican woman I grew up around and made it my own


  1. I first marinate the pork shoulder
  2. I poke deep holes with a knife and stuff them with the fresh crushed garlic.
  3. I then sprinkle adobo all over
  4. Sprinkle salt all over
  5. Pour alittle extra virgin olive oil on the pork shoulder.
  6. Pour white vinegar at the bottom of the pan so it can mix later on with the reduction ( this will be your sauce or gravy ).
  7. Place pork shoulder in pan skin side up for two hours covered.
  8. Then place pork shoulder skin down covered for one hour.
  9. Then turn pork shoulder over skin facing up take cover off and cook one more hour or until golden brown.
  10. Take out let sit for ten minutes and enjoy !
  11. Don't forget to baste with juices from the bottom of pan while cooking.

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