Perfectly Fried Shrimps With Garlic

READY IN: 8mins
Recipe by cookingwithdorus

Succulent shrimps fried in olive oil with caramelized garlic. I received this recipe from a Portuguese acquaintance. He learned it from his mother. A recipe with roots! You can find a live frying instruction on my Youtube channel "cooking with Dorus".

Top Review by Annacia

Just as the title promised this is a lovely shrimp with garlic, pure and simple. At serving I added a sprinkle of smoked salt and served them on brown rice with steamed broccoli. Very tasty, quick and easy. Made for Pick A Chef, Spring 2013.

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  1. PREPARATION (6 minutes).
  2. Rinse the shrimps with cold water. Let them drain in a colander.
  3. Press the garlic cloves with the blade of a knife. You do this in order to release the flavours when you fry the garlic.
  4. Fry the garlic for approximately 5 minutes on a low fire in the olive oil. The olive oil will acquire the garlic flavour. After 5 minutes you turn the garlic cloves on the other side. You have finished your preparation now.
  5. COOKING (2 minutes).
  6. Turn up the heat to maximum level. Put the shrimps in the cooking pan and and spread the shrimps over the bottom. Every shrimp should make full contact with the bottom.You fry them until their colour changes to pink at the bottom side. When the colour changes you turn them on the other side. The shrimps are ready when you feel resistance after pressing them. Serve immediately.
  8. Serve the shrimps with the garlic cloves and sprinkle the garlic flavoured oil over them. Serve with bread, risotto or a pasta dish.
  10. Don't overcook the shrimps. They will be dry and hard to peel. They shouldn't be to raw either because you will risk food poisoning. You can tell if they are ready by testing the resistance as explained before.

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