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This was very good but I agree with others that the cornmeal creates a bit of a gritty texture. I made it exactly as the recipe states except I used Seasoned Salt which has a great flavor for chicken. Instead of the cornmeal I usually use Panko which you can find in the oriental area of the grocery store. Use about 3/4 cup of in place of 2 TBS cornmeal. There is no gritty texture with panko and the chicken ends up nice and crispy. Also, I have better results with the breading sticking better and frying crispier on the chicken with less buttermilk. I would use 1/2 cup instead and an extra egg.

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Seashorewalker May 14, 2007

Very good recipe. We very much enjoyed the end result and I did not find the cooking as difficult as I thought it would be. Living in a small town in scotland I was unable to find Season-All Salt, so found out what was roughly in it and made my own which worked very well. 3 tbsp Salt 2 tbsp Sugar 1 1/2 tbsp Garlic Granules 1 tbsp Sweet Paprika 1 1/2 tbsp Black Pepper 1/2 tbsp White Pepper 1/2 tbsp Cayenne Pepper 1/2 tbsp Onion Salt This makes more than you need for this chicken recipe but I am storing it for next time!

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Amber.S January 22, 2006

Fried chicken is my all time favorite and now so is this recipe!! TY PanNan....I did 6 large breasts and had to cook in 2 batches, but was well worth the time. Mine took almost 45 minutes to cook but was at least done thru. Thanx for the hint about covering. Worked like a charm then uncovered and cooked slow until nice and crispy! Wonder chicken!

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LAURIE February 10, 2003

This has proved staggeringly popular with my neighbours, whose usual methof of cooking chicken is skin off and cooked over a charcoal BBQ. No seasoning, marinade or even basting.Dry and flavourless. My neighbours are Turkish - as I live in Turkey!
When we first moved here some six years ago it was difficult to get many spices: now there are three spice shops open in the local indoor market alone.
I use a deep fryer at 340 F and follow the cover, turn, cover and then uncover routine. It works perfectly every time. I have to substitute yoghurt for the unavailable buttermilk. Yoghurt made by a Turkish neighbour. She has no cows, just goats and sheep. It is an "interesting" yoghurt!
With Beef and Lamb being very expensive out here ( some 7 or 8 times the cost of chicken ) and Pork not being available at all we eat a lot of chicken. Thanks for this recipe, along with the Lawry's Season Salt clone recipe.

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dkingsleysmith September 01, 2010

The kiddos were asking me to make some Southern Fried Chicken, so of course I came directly to Zaar as I do almost daily since joining, to look for a recipe. I decided on this one, and the whole process went really well. I opted for the panko crumbs as we always love them. Great choice too! We had with some potato salad and coleslaw for a real southern appeal. We devoured every piece of chicken on the dish in no time flat! The kids were eating more than talking, which is unusual at my house! Both said they can't wait to have it again, this time I have to make more, and they want it with some homemade french fries! Here I go on the lookout for a good fry recipe now! Thanks!

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~Chef Lori~ October 02, 2008

I liked the idea of covering the chicken for the first five minutes, it DID help to insure it cooked well. I added a little pepper and paprika to the flour ingredients, and I double dipped the chicken. Very nice. I've added your recipe to my cookbook! Thank you.

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hey_dere September 21, 2003

This was so good! I made it last night, using drumsticks. It is the best fried chicken I've made. I think the real key is covering for the first part of cooking time. The chicken was beautifully done, and the coating was nice and crispy and tasty! This is a definite keeper!

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PugsAndKisses May 19, 2003

Okay so I decided to try this recipe after my husband said my recipe wasn't the best he'd ever had (I'm still working through it in therapy). He really liked this recipe and my kids liked it too. I enjoyed it as well.......I'll admit its better than my own recipe. Its a keeper. Thanks so much for sharing.

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Cooking Mom of 7 May 20, 2012

You have revolutionized the method and taste of my fried chicken! This was the easiest, less messy, most delicious fried chicken I have ever made. ANd that says a lot, as I make enough fried chicken that my husband bought me the GE mini frier (GREAT appliance for not much money). EVen though I deep fried, I followed the covering and uncovering times. I found that 340 degrees for the oil was the best cooking temp. It was so good that broiling it in the oven next day returned it to its delicious crispness. I have used brining techniques for a long time, but had never thought to do it for frying. I only brined my chicken for about 45 minutes at room temp, and they were still lovely. Thanks so much!! PS Made my own season salt with Mrs. Knudson's Season Salt from the zaar member Foxfire13 (the recipe is posted here on zaar) and it was great!

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Dazy August 26, 2010

Looks like a great dish, unfortunately not so great for people with salt issues. 83% of recommended daily intake in one serving!!

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guardianfire February 03, 2010
Perfect Southern Fried Chicken