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This was a fantastic turkey! Really moist and flavorful. I roasted a 20 pounder so I shoved as much garlic, thyme, onion and lemon as I could get into the cavity. We use the drippings and some Wondra flour to make a really flavorful gravy as well. I did baste it a couple of times during the 3 hours I cooked it but it may not have even needed it. Rave reviews all around! Thank you for posting!

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Lisa in Acworth, GA November 26, 2010

I used this recipe for Thanksgiving this year. It was excellent...the turkey was very moist. Actually the moistest one I have ever made. Everyone raved about it. I believe this is a Barefoot Contessa recipe too. Roasted at 350. I used a 26 pound turkey :)

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Irish350 November 29, 2009

Every year my friends get together before Thanksgiving and have a pre-Thanksgiving dinner party. This year I was assigned the Turkey. Having never cooked a turkey I was rather nervous but this recipe exceeded all my expectations. My turkey turned out so moist and flavorful and it was so easy. Everyone claimed it was the best turkey they have ever had. The recipe doesnt specify cooking times or temps. I cooked a 24 lb. turkey for 30 minutes at 425 and then turned the oven down to 350 and cooked it for 6 hours or 15 minutes per pound. I also loosely tented it with aluminum foil after the initial 30 minutes and as the name suggests it turned out perfect. I will definately use this recipe again!

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marieeve421 November 25, 2009

My boyfriend loves to cook and this Thanksgiving was his first time meeting my family and he wanted to make a good impression. We cooked this turkey together and it was completely amazing, moist and flavorful. My only recommendation would be peel the garlic cloves and place them whole inside the bird. A little more work than putting the halved head inside, but we thought it would add a bit more garlic flavor if they were peeled. We also basted the turkey with the sauce every 30 minutes to an hour. Do keep in mind that every time you open the oven door, you increase the cooking time. Otherwise, sheer perfection.

By the way, my parents loved him. ;)

UPDATE: It's been three years and we've made this turkey every year since then. No matter who I make it for, everyone says it's the best they've ever had. I've learned a few things over the years of making this bird. I recommend tying all the ingredients in a bag of cheesecloth and stuffing the bag inside the bird. That way you can just grab the knot and pull all the stuff out and toss it. Works much better than trying to fish out all the mushy bits. Also recommend laying a few layers of cheesecloth over the bird and basting on the top of the cheesecloth. This keeps the breast very moist and if you peel the cheesecloth off in the last 30 minutes, you'll still get that golden crust on top.

Oh yeah, one more thing...after that Thanksgiving in 2009, my boyfriend asked me to marry him. We've been happily married for 2 years now!

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Faux Chef Lael December 19, 2012

This was a perfect turkey! I had an 11 lb fresh turkey and followed everything except I peeled the garlic instead of just cutting the top as one of the other cooks recommended. I used a roasting pan and covered it until the last 30 minutes; only basting one time. It was so moist and juicy! I can't believe how incredible it was! Usually you have to drench the turkey in gravy but this had so much flavor and moistness that you could eat it plain. Thank you!!!

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YummyNina November 25, 2010

I added rosemary and thyme to the lemon halves from juicing & zesting, then topped off with white wine to replace the juice of the lemons and propped them up on the inside so the wine didn't run out. also added crushed rosemary to the butter mixture.

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Food Snobette November 26, 2009

I've made this recipe 2 years in a row & it definitely is perfect! I ensure that I use all fresh ingredients (the herbs really make a difference if fresh) and a decent size turkey to stuff all of it in. I followed advice to cook at 350 degrees, basting every 30 minutes. I actually triple the recipe for the butter, lemon & herbs & make lots for basting. Make sure you get some liquid under the skin of the turkey. Not only is this recipe delicious, but it makes for a picture-perfect turkey as well!

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still learning 09 November 22, 2011

I made this Turkey this year for Thanksgiving. My very first Turkey and it was the best one any of us had ever tasted! I also cooked the Turkey at 350 and it turned out perfect (just as the title describes). Very juicy and tender. I will be making this every year from now on!

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amanda_steingruby December 22, 2009

By: Healing Springs, AR Girl This recipe made such a huge difference in the flavor and moistness of the turkey. I will continue stuffing the bird with the herbs and vegetables suggested here instead of stuffing from now on.

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Brenda Burgess November 29, 2009

Its the day after Thanksgiving and a day after my first bird. I chose this as my blueprint. I made an educated guess at a temperature of 450 degrees (only slightly odd that it was left out), added fresh Rosemary along with the Thyme, and stuffed it as they do with garlic, lemons and fresh herbs as well a simple, moist cornbread/sage dressing as my mother and her sisters did. Otherwise, I was true to this recipe. "Perfect" emerged, by consensus, the operative word in describing the Turkey I roasted. Everyone, myself included, was amazed. '

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rxnoise November 28, 2009
Perfect Roast Turkey