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I highly suggest if you use this recipe you invest in a meat thermometer (the kind you don't have to monitor intermittently- but stays in the meat). We did the recipe to a T, but it cooked faster than expected, so I didn't cook it a second time for the maximum time. The prime rib was fabulous- hubby says the best he has had. I did use whole garlic cloves inserted into the meat, instead of garlic powder the night before. I did use the amount of salt requested and dusted it off after it was done cooking. Wow- tender and flavorful! A keeper.

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TeacherLaLa December 26, 2010

This recipe was the easiest and most stress free prime rib recipe ever written. I made a 4 1/2 lb. roast for new years. I put the roast in at 2:30pm baked it for 45 minutes then let it sit like the recipe says. I put the oven back on at 5:30pm for another 45 minutes. It was a perfect medium rare and was beautifully seasoned. I rubbed the spices on the outside of the roast but also injected some garlic into the meat. I highly recommend this recipe. Thanks.

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EinyOpi January 01, 2010

I made this for Christmas dinner and it was absolutely delicious! I had a 10.25 lb roast and had to cook it an extra 20 minutes during the second cooking to get it up to 130 internal temp (I had put a digital thermometer in it before I put it in the oven the first time). After resting for 15 minutes it was at 140-145 - a perfect medium rare! My mother-in-law asked for the recipe, she loved it so much. The only thing I omitted was the horseradish powder because I did not have any, and I cut the pepper in half. The salt crust gave it a wonderful savory flavor and made everyone's mouth water while it was cooking. Thank you for sharing the perfect prime rib recipe!

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carol.k.elliott December 29, 2009

I don't understand the mojo of this recipe but let me tell you one thing...it works!!! I've tried it with a variety of sizes and it's perfect every time! I can't explain it. You cannot mess this one up as long as you follow the simple directions.

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tommer100 April 06, 2010

This was my first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner and my husband and I decided to cook prime rib. I was afraid I would be in the kitchen ALL day. I stumbled across this recipe and thought it sounded simple enough....but how good could it really be? There are not words to describe how delicious our dinner was! I followed the recipe exactly. It really is this easy! We cooked a 10lb. rib in roast. For those of you who like it a little more on the med side of med rare, may I suggest leaving the oven on a few more minutes for the first cooking session. We were so impressed with this meal, we are cooking it again for Christmas dinner!

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jessibear_2002 December 19, 2009

Every Christmas I go searching in my reviews for this recipe and every year I realize I must not have done one. How is that possible? We LOVE this, it will be the 6th year using this recipe. For the few nay-sayers all I can say is that if you cook a huge chunk of meat without using a meat thermometer to ensure it is done to your liking, you can't really blame the recipe. We have always used little 3 lb roasts that cook to a beautiful medium rare. This year we have a biggy but I'm not at all worried. Thank you so much for many successful Christmas dinners.

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Keolani December 25, 2009

This is only getting 2 stars because the rub is *amazing*, otherwise it would just be 1. Unfortunately, contrary to the description, size DOES matter. Maybe not for smaller roasts, but definitely for larger ones. I should have gone with my gut and used the meat thermometer, but the overwhelming positive reviews blinded me to sense. I used this recipe for a 12 pound bone-in roast (we did a big family dinner) and it was RAW. Luckily, my husband is a great improviser - we cut it into individual servings and he cooked them up quickly in our cast iron skillet - but I was stressed to the max. Because I followed the instructions, we didn't discover that the meat was undercooked until everyone was sitting to eat, so it was very embarrassing. And aggravating - we were HUNGRY! Our oven is less than 2 years old, I have TWO thermometers in it to check temperature (because I'm OCD and don't trust the oven or just one thermometer), and this was the result. I'm sure this recipe has worked for lots of people, and (again) the rub is phenomenal, but I won't be using this methodology again. And I'll never again leave my meat thermometer in the drawer when I'm making something for company!

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katymae16 May 16, 2011

We were really pleased with this recipe. We brought it up to temp per each individual serving under the broiler. We'll definitely do this again.

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padreaming January 23, 2011

Perfection in beef form! I had a 7 1/2 pound rib roast. Followed cooking times exactly, but didnt use the salt crust. I just seasoned heavily with salt, pepper and garlic salt. Rested in the closed oven for 90 minutes before turning on again. I did have to cook an additional 20 minutes at the end. I pulled it out at 130 degrees, and rested 20 minutes. It carved to a perfect medium rare. Family raved at Christmas dinner. Will make many holidays over again! Thank you!

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Megan's Mommy December 28, 2009

It really is perfect. What an easy holiday recipe. I didn't do the salt crust, I just seasoned well. I was sick, so this was perfect, just put it in the oven and forget it. I also baked this with a gratin that cooked at the same temp for 45 minutes, love it. Definitely a keeper, thanks for sharing. Edit - I just wanted to add that 15 minutes wasn't enough resting time for my roast - I would recommend at least 20.

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Denise! December 27, 2009
Perfect Prime Rib