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This recipe is magic. I had a small 2.6 lb. prime rib (just 2 of us) and I know from past experience it is very hard not to overcook such a small roast. The only change I made was to use Montreal steak seasoning instead of herbes de provence or thyme (personal flavor preference). The prime rib was juicy, flavorful and not overcooked! The added bonus is you slice it as soon as it is removed from the oven.

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Hissy Hussy December 28, 2014

I cooked two roasts with this method and my many Christmas guests said it was the best prime rib they had ever tasted. My two roasts were 6 pounds and only warmed up 1 hour out of the refrigerator and were still somewhat cold so I cooked them 6 minutes per pound, not 5. Some guests came an hour late so one roast rested 3 hours in the oven instead of 2 and tasted even better than the first one (but it was obviously not as warm). These were perfect. I will use no other recipe for Prime Rib!

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cast-iron-cook December 27, 2014

I made this for New Years day and this was the most perfect prime rib i ever made and we are having it this year for our Christmas dinner .

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LisaL L. December 22, 2014

This is, without a doubt, the most perfect prime rib we've ever had. DH said it's even better than any one he's ever eaten at a restaurant. DD (7 yrs old), who rarely eats red meat, could not keep her hands off the carving board and had eaten a meal's worth by the time we sat down! She also helped me make the recipe, which was easy using Pammy's calculation method. I had a 4.59 lb roast, which calculated out to 23 minute cook-time. The sear it put on the outside of the roast was fabulous, although my kitchen was quickly filling with smoke. We had all the doors and windows open, the exhaust fan on, and the smoke detector disabled, but it was all worth it. Next time I may let the meat roast just a couple minutes more, as it was just a tad bit rarer than I like, but I prefer the end pieces with all the spices anyway, so this one had something for everyone. I really can't say enough about this. It's a $40 piece of meat and I did not want to screw it up. I trusted Pammy though, and I have never had a prime rib melt in my mouth like this one did. It will be the only way we prepare it from now on. This time the "holiday" was celebrating Pammy's life and the joy she brought to her Zaar friends, but from now on, every prime rib occasion we'll be thinking of her too. Made and enjoyed for cookathon in Pammy's memory.

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**Tinkerbell** November 17, 2013

Excellent tasting Prime Rib Roast!!! I had an almost a 5 lb roast that we made for our Christmas Dinner and decided to try this recipe, mainly for the fact that it used a butter rub mixture, which isn't something I have tried in the past. My roast came out more medium to medium well, but I don't think it was the recipe's fault but rather my new convection oven and me not using it correctly, as it doesn't seem to bake/roast the same as my old one. I loved that it didn't include rosemary as a spice/herb, as I really don't care for it. Thanks so much for sharing a new way of making Prime Rib Roast. Made for Holiday Tag Game.

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diner524 December 27, 2012
Perfect Prime Rib