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Wow - I am at a loss for words but this darn recipe is the best and It will be the only recipe for pork tenderloin I will ever use.. Hmmmmm - I wonder if this will work for other cuts of meats?? I marinated my pork overnight with a lit' olive oil and the herbs & spices.. We couldn't get enough of it. Thank you !

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Leigh-Ann Louden July 09, 2003

Not one to shy away from unusual prep methods (see my recipe for cooking ribs in a crock pot with no liquid) I tried this recipe because pork loin is usually my least favorite cut of meat, red or white. I applied a rosemary garlic rub with a little paprika for color, cooked my 2.5 lb. tenderloin for the suggested time, and most of all, resisted a peek. When the hour was up the tenderloin was perfect, slightly crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. The flavor was excellent and my wife and I enjoyed this cut of pork for the fist time in a long while. Thanks for adding pork tenderloin back to my rotation!

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gamtnmike October 31, 2010

UHHHHHH-MAZING! I have never been a fan of pork tenderloin, probably because I've only had the pre-seasoned kind. There are certain preservatives in the seasoned pork that I can actually taste, gross right? So I went on an adventure and bought a plain piece of pork tenderloin for $2.5, which was $4 cheaper than the same sized pre-seasoned pack.
I mixed garlic-rosemary-thyme-salt-pepper-butter into a paste which I placed into slits I cut all over the meat. I slathered the pork with the remaining paste. I placed the tenderloin on a roasting rack, put a little chicken stock into the roasting pan, and cooked it according to the recipe. It cooked up perfectly! I added the leftover baking liquids to some mushrooms I had sauteed, and threw in a bit of flour, which made an amazing mushroom gravy to the already delicious pork tenderloin.

Make this. You will not regret it!

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bethelzee January 25, 2012

Okay, I have never been able to cook a pork tenderloin that was moist. Whenever I tried to make it, my kids would all cringe. So I decided to give this one a try since the reviews were so good, well I am so glad I did! My pork was a complete success! It was juicy, moist and delicious, my kids could not get enough! Plus, once you make it, the recipe sticks in your head because it is so easy. Whoever figured this out is my hero, I will never have dry pork again! Thanks for the help :)

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melis1377 September 12, 2010

I made this last year for a "Progressive Dinner" Christmas Party. It came out perfectly, and was thoroughly enjoyed by my 16 guests. I would recommend using a glass pan for this, however, as the metal pan I used was ruined. The marinade I used got so baked on that I had to use steel wool to get it off, resulting in a rusty pan.

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Sarah C in MN July 20, 2007

Tried it with the thermometer inserted into the middle of the roast. I used a slightly-less-than 2lb roast, pre-heated the oven for 20 minutes, cooked the roast for 11 minutes, then let it sit in the oven for 1hr. By the end of the hour the roast had only reached 132, after another 15 minutes it reached 134 and climbed no higher. I had to turn the oven back on to finish cooking. The roast was tender and juicy, but not safe after 1hr. Some adjustments need to be made based on your oven's ability to retain temperature.

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Pa. Hiker January 01, 2004

To those very few here that experienced poor results with this technique, I assure you, it was the result of an action or circumstance, on your end, that was not properly executed. It can only be a few things-- #1: You didn't allow the meat to achieve room temperature before placing it in the oven. That would explain why the unsuccessful reviews all achieved the same 130 temp. That is the most likely reason. #2: You guessed at the weight of your tenderloin and you miscalculated. This technique, as in baking, requires precision. #3: Your oven temperature is not accurate. #4: You peeked. Opening the oven door at ANY time during the cooking process renders this technique null and void. I can't think of any other reasons. I suspect that #1 is the culprit. Try it again. Bon Appetite!

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mfbrooker May 19, 2013

I must say I was quite skeptical about the cooking technique in this recipe, but this was the most delicious tenderloin I have eaten. I used my own spice rub as well as a paste of spicy brown mustard, maple syrup and brown sugar then wrapped it in strips of bacon. I followed the instructions compensating the overall weight to include the bacon. Yum!! I will use this recipe over and over.

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foodie8 September 27, 2010

Well, color me surprised! This worked brilliantly and we will be using this method again. Made this the other night for my sweetie, and not a bite was left. The pork was perfectly cooked (as were the roasted potatoes that were in the same pan) and very tender and juicy. We seasoned the pork using the same spice mix as is used for Basque Potatoes.

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mollypaul July 10, 2003

I have to admit I had my doubts about this working, especially on a 4 Lb. tenderloin, but WOW, not only am I surprised, but immensely impressed! I followed the instructions to cook it and let it rest afterwards. As soon as I stuck my knife into it to slice it I was squirted in the face by the juices! Hellllooooo! I can honestly say that's never happened before! So after that it was no surprise when the first bite was simply divine. My, oh, my where has this recipe been all my life?

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PralinesNcream September 19, 2012
Perfect Pork Tenderloin