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I had never made pasta before and I love to cook. So I don't know why I was afraid to attempt the pasta. But this was a simple recipe.
Only changes I made was using all regular flour, no semolina, added a total of 3 eggs, and increased olive oil by 1extra TBL.
I made ravioli at Christmas like my mom did every year before she passed away. This made me feel really good about myself and I know I pleased my mom!!
Now I've made pasta 3 times since Christmas already!! Very psyched about this and experimenting with different kinds of pasta's!!!
Thank you for this recipe !!!!!!!

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wilkofc December 29, 2012

This was my first attempt at pasta and I followed the recipe to the letter. Who puts a whole cup of water into 4 cups of flour??? It all went into the garbage. I realize now that I should have compared this recipe to a couple of others before starting, it was so sticky that even adding lots of flour wouldn't help it. All the other recipes that I've looked at only call for a couple of tablespoons, if that much. Obviously Chef #1535269 didn't follow your recipe blindly and "added water as needed" the smarter way to go.

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lizcy May 04, 2010

I used this recipe for my very first attempt at the pasta roller and ravioli attachments for my Kitchenaide mixer... followed the directions to the "T" and it worked perfectly!!! My pasta was easy to handle, not too wet, not too dry, and fed into the ravioli maker with ease. The texture of the cooked pasta was beautiful!! Thanks!

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RockMom January 10, 2011

I have a Kitchenaide pasta roller and cutter and have used the recipe included in the instruction book. Today I tried this recipe and followed it exactly. I added the entire 1 cup of water to the wet mixture as per the instructions; I did not "add water as needed." The recipe worked perfectly. In the hand-kneading step I just had to dust with flour (a minimal amount) one time to get the right texture. I'm not sure why this did not work for you Chef #286359. For me this was definitely not too much water and I didn't veer from the recipe at all.

This is now my go-to basic pasta recipe. Thank you for this.

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larryloomis December 25, 2010

This recipe was super easy and made amazing pasta! The only thing it left out was a suggestion to dry the pasta after rolling and/or after cutting. My first try resulted in a pile of fettucine noodles that were stuck together in a big knot. No problem, I just re-rolled it and dried it for 30-40 minutes before putting it into a container in the fridge. This will be my go-to pasta recipe.<br/><br/>Also, it helped to watch a couple of YouTube videos that showed how to roll the pasta out with the Kitchenaid attachment. Was really happy that mine turned out just like the videos.

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frsbdg_9316281 October 07, 2013

Tried this recipe twice and it never formed into a ball, but rather was very sticky and liquidy. Could the heat have wreaked havoc? - it was very warm day. I also used sea salt. Followed the recipe to the letter two times! Help me please!!!!!! I feel like the loser of the day!!!! <br/><br/>A dismal cook in Hudson Quebec!!!!

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thundermom2 July 03, 2013

The title "Perfect pasta" is right. This is a fantastic recipe for making semolina pasta. A few years ago, when I received a hand-crank pasta machine as a gift, I tried making some pasta and it was a flop. I decided that trying to make it with the hand crank machine just wasn't going to work for me. Now I realize it was probably the recipe that I used to make the dough. It just didn't want to hold together.

I recently received the Kitchen Aid pasta roller for Christmas, so I decided to just try making some sheets to use for a lasagna. The combination of the electric roller and this recipe resulted in a perfect pasta sheet.

I only used about 1/3 of dough for the lasagna so tomorrow I am going to get out the hand crank machine and try making some ravioli with the remainder of the dough.

Thanks, Neeny, for providing this recipe!

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KathyMack57 January 13, 2013

I made this last night and mixed first without the water, adding it last as needed. Altitude, plus the measure on the remaining ingredients can affect the amount of water needed. I was short 1/3 cup Seminola, so I had to use 2 1/3 cup bread flour. As it turned out, I needed about 3/4 cup water, probably because all purpose flour does not absorb as much liquid as Seminola.

This recipe was wonderful, by the way. I even made it 2 days in advance, stored in a ziploc bag in the fridge, then took it out to rest at room temperature 15 minutes before making the pasta. Delicious!

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Recipe4Love January 02, 2013

I searched for a recipe and this is the one I wanted to love. I failed. It was like eating the best meatballs ever with a mound of Ramen noodles. What did I do wrong? I hate to give a low rating so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that it was purely user error :( But I was sorely disappointed. That said this was the first time I've made pasta in a lot of years and the last few times was with an extruder.

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Peggy H. January 13, 2016

This is my most favourite and most used pasta recipe, perfect quantities and very helpful directions. It serves 8 generous serves of very silky pasta. I use it for both my fettuccine and my extruded noodles and turns out perfect every time! Thank you :)

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michaela_glover July 08, 2015
Perfect Homemade Pasta or Spaghetti for Kitchenaid Mixers