Total Time
Prep 7 mins
Cook 15 mins

I got this recipe when I was about 13 from my grandmother, and after all of these years, it's still a family favorite.

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  1. Poach egg until whites firm but yolk soft.
  2. Lightly toast english muffins until slightly golden brown.
  3. Place ham slices on top of english muffin halves, with corners tucked in to conform to shape of english muffin.
  4. Top the ham with the poached eggs, yolk side down.
  5. Cover each half with 3 tablespoons of the Hollandaise sauce, and spread to cover the whole egg.
  6. Sprinkle top with paprika (if desired).
Most Helpful

Absolutely delicious, I sliced off 2 thick slices of smoky ham straight of the leg and with the poached eggs and hollandaise sauce and the toasted English muffin and that sprinkle of paprika made for a delicious breakfast which I shared with my DM and we both thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you foodchef2 and lazyme for the recommendation, made for I Recommend tag game.

I'mPat December 21, 2013

Loved this! Very simple, easy, and tasty. I used Canadian bacon and a mix for the hollandaise. Thanks foodchef2 for a nice breakfast treat. Made for Cookbook Tag.

lazyme May 02, 2011

Was simple to make. Very tasty. I didn't poach the eggs, the kids don't care for them that well. I used pancetta and it was excellent. Thanks for posting. I made this for My 3 Chefs Nov 2008

barefootmommawv November 08, 2008