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I misplaced the recipe binder (I think I loaned it to someone) that I had this recipe in, and was very disappointed I could no find it. I was elated to find the recipe on your site. I have made this cake annually since my son was a little boy, it is a family favorite birthday cake. I have made it many, many times over the last 30 years and each time it turns out perfectly and tastes like food for the gods. .

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cbc1 January 23, 2015

This really is THE perfect chocolate cake; there are other recipes, but none yield results like this so easily and so consistently. If we must eat cake, let it be this.

A nice change of pace (I know, never mess with perfection, but give it some thought) is to use the frosting from McCall's Mocha Cream Cake. Combine well: 3 cups heavy cream (chilled), 1.5 Cups sifted confectionary sugar, .5 Cups sifted unsweetened cocoa, 1/8 tsp salt, 2 tsp instant coffee. Beat until stiff, refrigerate, covered, 30 minutes. Ice the cake as you like, with or without filling. The mocha flavor complements and nicely enhances the deep, deep chocolate flavor of the Perfect Chocolate Cake.Thanks McCall's, thanks Sassy, very nice.

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Pelican Chef March 20, 2011

I have been making this cake since the 1970s. In fact, I had the original page out of the McCalls magazine which was in my purse when I got mugged during Christmas time at my neighborhood shopping center. I had the recipe in my purse to gather the ingredients. My purse along with credit cards, money, Christmas cards and this recipe were gone forever as he pulled my purse off my shoulder and ran. I tried to hold onto my purse and was dragged and eventually had to let go. Anywho, one day I was browsing through a magazine and lo and behold I saw a tiny duplicate of the original recipe. I took this page and enlarged it as much as I could so I could read the recipe. This page is wearing out and the print is getting very light so decided to look it up and I'll be darn I found it here. It is a delicious cake no doubt about it and one of my favorites. The chocolate cakes you get at restaurants are too sickening sweet, too dense and too much glop on top. A few times the cake layers slid off the whipped cream filling and oh boy I was not happy about that. Another time the cake layer cracked as I put it on the other layer, etc. This doesn't happen all the time and I still continue to make this marvelous cake. I want a piece now.

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Marcella Lee September 16, 2014

This recipe is indeed from a magazine put out by McCall's called "McCall's Cooking School" and it IS from the 70's. I was just today describing this cake to my husband (like he cares) and was bemoaning my loss of the magazine(s) - I had the whole series. In truth I mixed it up with the "Time Life Series" at the time! God Bless The Internet!!! I finally remembered that it was from McCall's and looked up McCall's chocolate cake with cocoa and Voila!.<br/><br/>My birthday is next Tuesday and I wanted to make this cake as cupcakes to share with my fellow dance students and NOW I CAN!!!<br/><br/>Oh, did I mention that I remember it being my show-stopper at any event where food was present? Sadly I will modify the frosting for my presentation next week because they won't have refrigeration. Now the big worry is what to top those cupcakes with that won't take away from that delectable, dark cake. I'm salivating already! And pondering frosting... any suggestions?

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paulapohan August 17, 2014

I have been making this cake for years. It really is the best chocolate cake you ever tasted. I substitute vegetable oil for the butter just to save time and it is still wonderful. Always get asked for the recipe. The filling though I have found does not hold up the cake and not crazy about the icing so I make my own.

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Lucy M. April 11, 2014

This has become my "signature cake" and I have the original page from McCalls but it is undated. Does anyone know when it was published. I think most likely late 60's or early 70's. Everyone asks for the recipe. Thanks for publishing it.

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AliceCyr August 22, 2013

I made just the cake part, which I figured would make just the right amount of batter for the two halves of Wilton's skull cake pan - and it did! Filled with strawberry mousse and then just dusted the assembled cake with plenty of powdered sugar to make it look white and skull-y! The cake is wonderfully dense and chocolatey, and I will definitely give the whole recipe a try one of these days too, as I quite fancy the sound of that frosting... Thank you!

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stormylee October 02, 2012
"perfect Chocolate Cake" Mccall's Cooking School