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One other thing you can try, if you have a programmable machine, is to decrease the kneading times. Spelt bread has a very delicate gluten structure and ideally should not be mixed for more than 4 minutes. I have a very old programmable Breadman Ultimate (10+ years old), and set the first knead for 3 minutes (the incorporation knead) and the second knead set for 4 minutes. Then first rise is 40 minutes, skip the punchdown and second rise, a 15 second shaping and a 50 minute final rise. 40 minutes baking. If your loaf is collapsing, you may have too much moisture. Try adding a tablespoon or two of flour or decrease the liquid to 1 1/4 cups. The dough ball is generally a tad bit sticky, but should not be "wet" looking. Hope this helps. I've had great luck doing this using 100% white spelt flour.

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pilateslvr April 02, 2009

Perfect loaf. I used white bread flour (wheat)) and substituted maple syrup for the sugar. 2 t of yeast. Kids love it and it digests well.

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capecodlady63 January 23, 2016

I found this recipe yesterday after trying a couple of others . . . with a distinct lack of success. Many thanks, this recipe works like a dream. My wife in particular, having found that she tolerates bread baked from spelt flour is delighted and so am I. She was finding bread baked from normal wheat wholemeal flour was upsetting her digestion. This has saved that problem

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luckysdad June 20, 2013

Very nice bread and I have had a much higher success rate with this recipe than any other spelt loaf recipes I have tried. The only catch is that the loaf tends to go crumbly the day after it is baked and falls apart if you freeze it. I am trying replacing a tablespoon of the oil with a tablespoon of chia gel. It's in the breadmaker now. Will let you know the results. Here's a link about chia gel in case anybody is interested http://www.integratedhealth.com/recipes/chia-gel.html

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Rick429CJ August 27, 2012

Okay so I tried this recipe again following the specific suggestions Chef UK made. It looked fine at first and rose pretty high. I so wanted to succeed in baking a nice fluffy loaf this time. Then it fell and made a huge crater in the middle. The taste was fine but the texture was still heavy. I have given this 4 stars this time because I have concluded that the problem is probably my bread machine as many are made only for wheat flour. Oh well...

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dr.momde47 March 16, 2009
Perfect Bread Machine Spelt Bread