Perfect Bread Machine Spelt Bread

Total Time
4hrs 5mins
Prep 5 mins
Cook 4 hrs

My husband's quest to find a recipe which produces light, fluffy (rather than solid and dense) spelt bread from a bread machine has finally paid off. He did lots of experimenting, and this one has produced consistently good results. Update: can't see how to respond to the review which found the bread heavy, so responding here. If you definitely used WHITE spelt flour, not wholewheat, then it sounds as though perhaps different bread machines get different results? :-( However, there is one other possibility. Did you use fast action dried yeast, suitable for breadmakers? Or Dried active yeast which is for hand baking? We were using the former. The other thing my husband suggested trying, if you're using the correct flour and yeast, is to try upping the amount of yeast you're using, and see if that helps. You could also try upping the amount of water slightly, but try each solution separately first :-) My husband's number one rule, stemming from his scientific background :-) Hope one of these tips work, and not that it is the bread machine themselves (ours is a Panasonic SD255)

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  1. Add water to bread machine, then oil, then flour, then salt, then sugar, then yeast.
  2. Set on "Normal" setting (which is 4 hours), with small loaf and light crust settings.
  3. NB: If you use wholegrain spelt rather than wholemeal, then reduce the yeast to 1.5 slightly rounded teaspoons (about 3.5g).
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One other thing you can try, if you have a programmable machine, is to decrease the kneading times. Spelt bread has a very delicate gluten structure and ideally should not be mixed for more than 4 minutes. I have a very old programmable Breadman Ultimate (10+ years old), and set the first knead for 3 minutes (the incorporation knead) and the second knead set for 4 minutes. Then first rise is 40 minutes, skip the punchdown and second rise, a 15 second shaping and a 50 minute final rise. 40 minutes baking. If your loaf is collapsing, you may have too much moisture. Try adding a tablespoon or two of flour or decrease the liquid to 1 1/4 cups. The dough ball is generally a tad bit sticky, but should not be "wet" looking. Hope this helps. I've had great luck doing this using 100% white spelt flour.

pilateslvr April 02, 2009

Perfect loaf. I used white bread flour (wheat)) and substituted maple syrup for the sugar. 2 t of yeast. Kids love it and it digests well.

capecodlady63 January 23, 2016

I found this recipe yesterday after trying a couple of others . . . with a distinct lack of success. Many thanks, this recipe works like a dream. My wife in particular, having found that she tolerates bread baked from spelt flour is delighted and so am I. She was finding bread baked from normal wheat wholemeal flour was upsetting her digestion. This has saved that problem

luckysdad June 20, 2013